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Windows 10 is a fast and efficient operating system designed to increase the productivity of its users. The most poly-used desktop operating system provides many features.

Unfortunately, there are few people who do not know or do not use these cool features. Whereas if you are used and used, it can increase your productivity and make you look professional. That’s why in this post jaka discuss 7 tips & tricks to maximize productivity in a laptop based on Windows 10.


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How to Solve Windows 10 Expired Without ReinstallationWindows 101 Tips and Tricks. Use GodMode to Control Everything

GodMode is one of the best secrets found in Windows 10 OS. Actually this is a hidden folder that contains various shortcut access and sophisticated features in Windows 10.

This way, you can set almost anything without the need to tear it one by one in the settings or control panel. Well to activate GodMode, how:

First create a new folder on desktop, right-click on desktop > ‘New’ > ‘Folder’.

Right-click ‘New Folder’, click ‘Rename’.

Named “GodMode.ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C” (without quotes).

if successful, the folder icon will change, such as control panel. So you can customize various settings in one folder. Cool, right? two. Use Voice Commands

Windows 10 comes with a virtual assistant that Cortana claims to be, which helps you compound things through voice commands. So, why not learn to maximize this one feature?

You can request Cortana donations to unlock executions, play music, create events, perform web searches, display current coverage, give crucial notifications, and more.

It’s a shame not if this one feature is 100? Cortana has a “Listening Mode” feature that allows you to talk to Cortana for example you talk to someone and ask them to do something. How to set it up?

Click the Windows key & type ‘Cortana’.

Next Cortana will be there, click settings.

Keep the microphone set to make sure Cortana listens to you and enable the ‘Hey Cortana’ option.

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Snap is another super cool feature in Windows 10 that lets you multi-task or run multiple executions at once with ease and fun.

The screen will display some implementations that you can set yourself in size. Well the name also multi-tasking certainly must be fast & you can use the following combination to maximize snap features.

Win + Left: Snap to the left of the half.

Win + Right: Snap to the right 1/2

Win + Left and Win + Up: Snap to the top left edge.

Win + Right and Win + Up: Snap to the top right edge.

Win + Left and Win + Down: Snap to the bottom left edge.

Win + Right and Win + Down: Snap to the bottom right edge.4. Use Task View for Multi-tasking

Task view is an inovatic task switcher that was first introduced in Windows 10 to enhance the multi-taksing experience. This task view will display thumbnails based on all open executions.

It is perfect for those of you who use 2 monitors. So, you can switch from one app to another quickly.

Swipe three fingers on the trackpad.5. Use Virtual Desktop

In the Task view feature, you can also create a virtual desktop that helps you manage running implementation. It is very suitable for those of you who mostly open the implementation.

Suppose you can create the first desktop to work on and you can make the dream of one more desktop to play. How:

Open Task View by pressing the Win + Tab button.

Then, click ‘New Desktop’ in the lower right corner to create a new virtual desktop.6. Use Tablet Mode

Windows 10 comes with a smart tablet mode. So, you can use the display to be like a tablet with a metro interface. So, it is optimal if you have a laptop using a touch screen or a 2-in-1 device. How:

Open “Action Center” & click the mode tablet icon.

Or use swiping four fingers in a touchpad.7. Use Touchpad Gestures for quick tasks

Are you a laptop user, but don’t like using an extra mouse? Jiya yes, you should know & use a motion-based touchpad. Below are some useful touchpad movements for everyday:

Scroll: Swipe horizontally or vertically with two fingers.

Zoom in/out: Pinch or pinch using 2 fingers.

Right-click: Tap using 2 fingers on the touchpad.

Show desktop: Swipe the opposite using the screen using three fingers.

See all windows: Swipe towards the screen with 3 fingers.

Switch implementation: Swipe left or right using three fingers.Conclusion

How? Surely not all of you understand, right? If you already understand also not necessarily you use, even though it can increase your productivity. So from now on, try and get used to it. That way, you will look pro time using your PC / laptop.

Hopefully these Windows 10 tips and tricks can certainly increase productivity and be useful for you. Don’t forget your comments.

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