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Shopee buddy, playing games on a laptop for hours is fun, especially if the game played is challenging & you need opponents to play to play it. However, you have to be careful because too long in front of the laptop will be bad for your health. Some of the effects are eye pain and you will feel tired quickly.

In addition to being bad for health, playing games for hours will certainly have a bad impact on the performance of your laptop. Playing games too outdated on a laptop will make the gadget heat up quickly. This is due to laptop hardware ‘forced’ to work hard to support graphics &game games.

When compared to PCs, laptops tend to heat up more easily. PCs generally still have space in it that can be used as airflow space. Therefore, obviously the air circulation in pCs tends to be better than laptops. The thin and minimalist design makes the components contained in it become very dense as a result of which the air circulation is not good.

Well, do not want your favorite gadget is quickly damaged because you are not wise in using it? Come on, check out some of the tricks below that can help you take care of your laptop and make it not heat up quickly when you play games! 1. Cooling pad

Many people use external laptop fans to reduce heat. However, laptop fans alone are relatively you know, Buddy Shopee! You should use a specific cooling pad similar to using a fan with an external laptop fan in general. The difference lies in the installation of cooling pads and laptop fans. Generally the laptop fan is installed at the bottom of the laptop, while the cooling pad is installed in the close to the USB port or the outside of the laptop machine cavity.

By using a cooling pad, external fans will work more aporisma than regular laptop fans. But don’t just choose a cooling pad, yes! Choose a cooling pad made according to iron rather than plastic. This is because metal materials are able to absorb heat and are more resistant to heat than plastic materials. Another thing you should pay attention to before buying a cooling pad is to make sure the size matches the size of your laptop.

2 . Clean your laptop regularly.

Most people realize that the more often used, the dirtier the laptop will be. However, some people still often ignore this, even though a dirty laptop will have a major impact on the condition of the laptop, you know, Buddy Shopee! Dust that accumulates in the laptop not only makes the laptop machine quickly damaged, but causes the laptop to heat up quickly. This is due to the addition of the laptop cavity by dust as a result of which the heat spewed by the laptop machine will be restrained.

Cleaning the keyboard and laptop screen is the most standard and easy-to-do computer personal care. However, you must still be careful in cleaning it because if done with origin it will have a bad impact. To clean the laptop screen, use a microfiber cloth that is slightly damp and make sure your laptop Shopee is in a state of death and is not connected to the power source. Use the cloth to wipe the stains that stick to the screen slowly.

To clean the laptop keyboard, you also have to turn off your laptop first. After that, flip the laptop carefully and shake it slowly so that the crumbs stuck in it fall. Return the laptop to its original position & clean the keyboard bulkheads using a special blower laptop. You can also remove stains and bacteria according to the surface of the keyboard using cotton moistened laptop cleaning fluid. From now on, clean your laptop regularly yes, Buddy Shopee!

3. Don’t put your laptop onapillow

Playing a laptop on a mattress and pillow is fun because it can make you feel more comfortable playing time. However, are you aware that putting a laptop on top of the top to the 2 objects can cause the laptop to heat up quickly? A soft pillow surface can create a cavity near the closed laptop fan that blocks the air out.

In addition to blocking air circulation, putting a laptop on a pillow can also create a laptop hard disk shaken. Basically, hard disks work like CD or DVD discs that rotate very fast. Due to the surface of the mattress and cushions are soft, the part is as unstable.As a solution, you can put your laptop on the top of a homogeneous solid object such as a wooden table, because the laptop fan cavity is made for a laptop that is placed on a flat top. If you still want to play the laptop on the mattress, a small portable table can be the best solution to prevent damage to the laptop. 4. Use the table

If you shopee play games using relatively intense every day, it is highly recommended to use a laptop buffer when playing games. Laptop buffers give air space to the bottom and sides of the laptop. This makes the laptop fan better able to work optimally to cool the air.In addition to being useful to maximize laptop performance, the use of a desk can also prevent the body from feeling tired. Choose a laptop desk whose size not only fits the size of the laptop, but also fits using your body size while sitting. In addition to size, choose a sturdy laptop desk material so that it can be used in the long term. five. Adjust the quality of your graphics in the game

Shopee buddy, when you play your favorite game, graphic card is the error of one component that has the heaviest workload. The load will certainly have an impact in the working temperature of the graphic card itself. In such conditions, the gait of the cooling system becomes very important to maintain the stability of the laptop temperature within normal limits as a result of which permanent laptop graphic cards can operate in good condition.

Well, one of the causes of fast-heat laptops is because graphic cards work hard to project game graphics. The lower the graphic quality of your laptop Shopee, the faster the heat of your laptop. Therefore, adjust the graphic capacity of your game Shopee with the graphics card capacity you have, yes! Don’t force beautiful graphics if your graphic card is insufficient!

In addition to some tricks earlier, Buddy Shopee also must be wise in arranging when using a laptop. Don’t leave your laptop on for a long time. You also have to be wise when you want to activate sleep mode because if the laptop is too often in the condition, then the laptop will be damaged quickly. Pay attention to when you shopee have to charge the laptop battery because too often recharging the battery will actually inhibit the battery & make the laptop heat quickly.

Well that’s the trick that you must try so that the laptop does not heat up quickly when playing games. Shopee friends can find accessories, such as cooling pads and laptop buffers, using low prices at Shopee. In addition, You Shopee can get free shipping throughout Indonesia only at Shopee!

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