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Most of the time, iPhones work great, and problems like crashes or “death screens” are not so common. But they can happen, it’s true, and when something like that happens, despair is immediate. After all, any repair on Apple devices doesn’t come out there very cheaply. But the good news is that you can fix many of the any software bugs that come up yourself —and a great software for that is dr.fone – Repair (iOS System Recovery).

The program is one of several Wondershare solutions for iOS (also serving for iPads, of course), with – Repair specifically serving to repair software damage to your Apple device. And in addition to repairing the system, the software also comes with additional features beyond useful, such as iPhone data recovery, data transfer between your iPhone and your computer, copy data from an iPhone to an iPad (or other iPhone), backup data like contacts and photos, and you can also, by software,Remove the lock screen from your iPhone or permanently erase the data from your device, leaving it as new. Tool menu that dr.fone Repair offers

To get started, you need to go to the dr.fone Repair website and download the file compatible with macOS (and there is also a version of the Windows-compatible program). You can test the tool for free (and already ensure an emergency repair), and then purchase the use license for 1 year or forever — in this case, you choose which plan best suits your needs, with options compatible with up to 5 devices and 1 computer, 6 to 10 devices and 1 computer, unlimited number of devices and 1 computer,or customize the amount of devices and computers required. How to fix the “black screen of death”

On wondershare’s website, there is a tutorial on how to fix the black screen of the iPhone, but we teach step by step Portuguese here. It’s important to point out that Dr. Phone Repair fixes the problem without data loss—that is, it’s a de facto fix, not a formatting of your device.

The black screen of the iPhone is desperate because there is no indication as to what caused the problem, making it difficult to search for a quick solution. This “death” screen can arise both because of hardware and software problems that prevent the device from functioning. So first you need to find out if the damage is in the hardware or only on the same iOS.

If the black screen appeared right after you dropped your device on the floor, or if it was immersed in a lot of water (falling into the toilet, for example), great are the chances of being a hardware-related problem yourself. In this case, it’s possible that the display or other physical component is damaged—and then only the technical assistance will save you.

But if none of this happened, the most likely is that the defect is software-related, so Repair kicks in. Malware, corrupted updates, or unstable firmware may be the cause of the problem, and the black screen may also appear if any applications have crash during use. And if just force the restart of the device (by pressing the “Power” button along with the “Home” for a few seconds, until the iPhone 6s, or pressing the “Power” button along with the volume reduction button on the iPhone 7 and later) does not solve anything, follow the following steps after installing the dr. Phone Repair on your computer and open the program. Dr.fone Repair home screen, which solves problems like the “white screen of death” or the “black screen of death”Before clicking “Start”, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with the Lightning/USB cable and wait for the program to recognize your device;Now, it’s time to put the device in DFU mode, ideal for doing a deep software restore. To do this, just follow the instructions that appear in Repair, since the process is different for iPhones up to the 6s, and then the iPhone 7;The next step is to provide basic information about your device, such as model, installed version of iOS, etc., following the next screen to download the updated firmware (for this, click “Download”);After the download is done, Repair will automatically begin repairing your iPhone software, and all you need to do is wait for the end of the process;In the end, you need to restart your device normally, and you will see a message from Dr. Phone Repair saying that now you can finally unplug the device from the computer, or repeat the process if you see the need for a new repair.Final screen of the iOS repair process with Repair

To avoid the appearance of the “black screen of death”, you need to always keep an eye on battery health (feature present in iOS 12 under “Battery Settings”). If iOS reports that the battery is in trouble, it is recommended to replace the component. Also, avoid jailbreaks on your iOS by installing only Apple-approved apps that are available in the App Store. It is also recommended to keep a security solution on your device, leaving it protected from malware and other malicious files.

It is noteworthy that Repair fixes other problems besides the “black screen of death”, also serving for the “white screen of death”, for when the device gets “stuck” in recovery mode by iTunes, and other inconveniences of the kind related to the software. How to resolve problems with crashes and surprise restarts

The such “crash” on the iPhone happens when the device restarts itself, or when it crashes while using various applications. And Wondershare also has a cool tutorial teaching how to solve the crash of the iPhone, but we also explain here.

It is true that these problems of crashes and reboots are not very common on Apple devices, but it is also not something impossible to happen. In most cases, the source of the problem is in a simple software failure, which can be solved with the quick repair of Repair. In the video below, you see how easy and fast it is to use the software to give that “slap” on your iOS effortlessly:

And in addition to this solution, you can also try the following tips:Just try restarting your iPhone. When you force a restart, all operations that are running in the background will be terminated, with the system starting to run from scratch;Clean up the store. Crashes can happen due to lack of disk space or exhausted memory. By removing unnecessary apps and, most importantly, cleaning the contents of the camera roll (backing up before, of course, either on iCloud or on your computer), you give your device a “breather” to keep running the necessary applications with peace of mind. And to wipe the Safari cache, just go to Settings, tap Safari, and select the option to clear history and data from the websites you visit; Make sure your iOS is up to date by running the latest version released by Apple. Under “Settings”, just open the “General” tab and select “Software Update”. If there is a current version to install, the time is now and the time is now!

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