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Repair of laptop motherboard, TFT, LCD and LED screens, hinges, keyboards, power connectors, graphics chips.See moreMain Repair

In Mac repairs, we demonstrate professionalism and ability to provide accurate and economical diagnosisSee moreConsol console repair

We repair Sony Play Station, PSVita, Nintendo, WII and WII U, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft XBox. Motherboard, optical modules, housings, touch.See moreComputer repair

Computer repair. We solve all software and hardware problems. Removal of viruses, trojans, spyware.See moreOff-house technical service

You will have a computer technician at your home to solve the problems of your computer, laptop or Mac.See moreComputer maintenance

Computer Maintenance is a preventative mode that includes everything you need to work confidently on your PC.See moreWeb services

We offer several custom Web design plans, domain registration, hosting, web positioning, backup.See moreNetwork Installation

We offer Network Installation for business, corporate network, office network. Fiber optics, UTP cabling, wi-Fi network, security.See more Repair connector Repair Plate Repair Screen

The Repair of the Portable Power Connector is another of the common services that we do in Computer Center since the problems with the power supply are the most frequent that users have with their Laptop. These issues relate to the Power Connector to the laptop motherboard. Computer Center often receives questions such as… My Laptop has been charging for hours and won’t turn on, why? My laptop’s battery does not hold the charge. Can you help me? I can’t power my laptop’s battery. Is it the connection?

You can contact us by calling 661 531 890 or also see our Contact Section

The Motherboard is the heart and brain of your laptop. If the Motherboard fails, we have the specialized Portable service for its repair Our technicians will do everything possible to repair it and avoid the high cost of its replacement. Fortunately, it is possible in many cases to repair such a plate.

In Informático Center we know the Motherboards of various brands and we have years of experience in their diagnosis and repair. Many of the problems of laptops are related to the motherboard or motherboard. Our technicians are experts in the electronics of these circuits.

This means that most of the time we can repair the motherboard instead of replacing it. This obviously results in saving money for you. Request the Service in a Timely Manner

If you suspect that your laptop has problems with its main card, do not wait…

You can contact us by calling 661 531 890 or also see our Contact Section

The Repair of the Portable Screen or display of the laptops, is one of the most requested services to Informático Center. There are several problems that can occur with the monitor or display of your Laptop… Do some parts of the Portable Display appear burnt, white, or remain red, green, or blue? Do you turn on the Screen for a moment and then turn it off on its own? Does the mouse pointer leave a trail when you move it? Do the text or images on the Laptop display look blurry? Does the Portable Screen or Netbook have a very faint image or is it very dark? Is the display white or unreadable?

Some solutions for the Portable display include only settings on the display. Other issues may require the Display to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes it may not even be the Laptop Screen… the problem, but the video card or other cause.

You can contact us by calling 661 531 890 or also see our Contact SectionSummary of our computer repair services madrid:

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The technician who attended our problems was great, nothing was a problem. He did a great job and I’ll be recommending to everyone who knows about Computer Center. Fredy GomezWarehouse cleaning worker Barbara S

Jose, the technician explained to me that he was going to test both the hardware and software to determine whether or not it is worth installing a new DVD burner/player. I also increase my computer’s memory. I would recommend Informático Center to any of my friends. Having the problem corrected in my own home was the main reason for the first time I contacted Computer Center and I am very satisfied with all the work. Barbara SKindergarten teacher Denise T

Very impressed. Computer Center know what they are talking about. They speak in a language that even a person with very little knowledge of the computer can understand. I will definitely come back again if the need arises. It will also be very good to recommend to family, friends and strangers. Thank you very much Informática Center. Denise TGym Trainer Suzan Saenz

Amazing service here at my home, very nice customer service staff, knowledge and above all fixed the problem!. Suzan SaenzRed Cross social worker Ingrid W

Ruth was fantastic! She was able to recover the documents and photos from my broken hard drive. She also fixed an iPod issue without losing any of the songs. The service is fantastic, a friendly, cheerful and positive person in the deal. Excellent. Thanks.Ingrid WHousewifeContact us

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