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CEKLIST.ID – Although sometimes it has become a basic need, not everyone can determine the best laptop for him. Why is that? This is because not all can adjust the specifications of the laptop using their needs. In addition, various types of brands in the market are also one of the considerations. In the selection of laptops there needs to be a perfect selection as a result of which the laptop can withstand outdated &permanent durable.

Laptop is an electronic device that can make anything, as long as the user understands to use it. That’s why it needs adjustments from the device using the needs of its users, as a result it is able to be the best laptop that can be maximized when used. For those of you who are the first to know this device can be confused with the price, brand or shape of the laptop. Laptop / DigitalTrend Illustration Image

Some seem ordinary but have a towering price. There are also those who look glamorous with various beautiful features but the price is not too expensive. You need to know, the expensive not a laptop is determined by the specifications of the product earlier. Well, so you don’t get confused anymore. Come on, check out the following reviews on how to choose a laptop for beginners. How to Choose a Good Laptop & Suitable for Use

For those of you who are still beginners in the use of laptops, it makes sense to still be confused on determining the device earlier. For that you need to follow the guidelines in choosing the best laptop device that is in sync with your needs.

The size of the laptop is one of the basic things you need to consider. The size of the laptop according to the screen size of the device. Usually from various brands laptops have a screen size of 11 inch ultrabook to use 17.3 inches that can weigh up to 1 to 2 kg.

For those of you who need high portability, try to choose a laptop that has a mini and compact size. This will greatly help you in its use because it will be very easy to take a trip.

two. Storage Media Type and Size

No wonder when buying electronic devices, storage media is a very calculated thing. Laptops have 2 types of storage, namely SSDs and hard drives. These two types of storage media have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Hard disk is storage that has a large capacity and is not too expensive but has the speed of ssd. While SSDs are relatively expensive storage for mini size but have fast speeds due to newer technology. That’s why it’s no wonder now many brands of laptops are starting to switch to using SSD-type hard drives because it is faster.

Next is ram capacity. The greater the RAM of a laptop, the faster the laptop can be used. If you are a gamer (gaming) or programmer, it is not wrong that you need to find a laptop that has high RAM specifications. However, for those of you who use a laptop to the extent of ordinary things you can adjust it using RAM that is not too large for example 4-6 GB.

Battery life is the 4th consideration that you need to pay attention to. This is in line with the amount of RAM you have. The higher the RAM of a device, of course, the more poly applications that can be run as a result of which consume a lot of battery as well.

That’s why you need to pay attention to the defense of the laptop battery earlier. Of course, it has a long battery life. Do not let you have high RAM but low battery defense. This can be very dangerous for your laptop.

Currently laptops have 2 types of screens, namely LEDs and LCD. LED screens are recognized to be able to save electricity but not too bright when used outdoors or outdoors. While LCDs have more brightness according to LEDs as a result are very supportive for outdoor use.

Wifi is currently the most important connectivity. So you need to make sure this wifi connectivity is in the device earlier. In addition, your laptop has usb, LAN and HDMI / VGA ports. It is a generic port that you will generally use at some point exclusively.

The last one is the processor. Laptop processors are always in development. If in the past we generally know pentium now the sense of hearing has been accustomed to the language “core”. Core itself is a processor according to the Intel brand. Not only that, AMD is also a reliable brand equivalent to using Intel.

Although it has been proven that Intel has better performance compared to AMD. The higher your laptop core, the better the performance obtained.

Laptop brands are one that can be a relatively confusing option. Popular laptop brands include: Apple, DELL, Lenovo, Asus, HP, Acer, Toshiba, to the Xiaomi brand. Usually each laptop brand has its own advantages. However, you can choose the best laptop brand using a clearer view of the laptop you want. Try comparing the 2 best laptops of your choice and compare them in detail. Then you can determine synchronous laptop features that are able to support your performance.10 Best Laptop Brands

Here’s a review of the best laptop brands of 2021. Wondering what brand? Here’s the review.1. AppleLaptop Apple Macbook

Who doesn’t know about this luxury product? This Apple brand laptop comes with the brand’s own built-in Operating System, macOS.You know? This brand is recognized even until all over the world is the most expensive laptop brand. Wondering why this brand product is priced using such a high price? So, every laptop product produced by Apple is designed very luxuriously according to premium materials. In addition, the device also has a very powerful processor.

If generally a laptop is used for up to 3 years, the speed of the laptop will decrease with the amount of data that has been accommodated on the laptop. And that’s not the case for Apple products. In addition, this product is also equipped with a durable and capable battery. Not to forget, Apple has a special feature where the retina display in this laptop is never unmatched according to other best laptop brands. DellLaptop Dell

Having a very powerful body using leading innovations, that’s the advantage according to dell brand laptops. This brand has a very high focus on the quality of the laptop presented. Not only must launch every year, Dell actually releases product updates from the latest innovations presented according to the product.

Not only in Indonesia, the best laptop brand products are also recognized to the world and have gained a place in the global market. This laptop is always present to meet the needs of using quality & balanced price using the features offered. One of the features that also makes this product recognized & preferred is the battery life for every laptop is very durable. LenovoLaptop Lenovo

Not mandatory glamour that crucially can help the job, that’s what brings this brand recognized and liked. Especially for the people of Indonesia, this is the best laptop brand that is very liked. Why is that? This brand comes with a laptop with a very type price segment. So, anyone can get a lenovo brand laptop even though the budget provides is not too much.

If you want a laptop worth tens of millions, this brand comes with you using laptop products priced in the tens of millions. If you want a laptop under five million, Lenovo also has a product that uses the budget. This is one of the reasons why this brand is recognized in the electro market. Not to forget, lenono laptop products are also recognized using its durability and high durability. AsusLaptop Asus

Having a good price offer, that’s what brings this best laptop brand as the galat of one of the best laptop brands in 2021. Asus is recognized to be able to reach many circles so that this product is increasingly known in the electronics market.

In addition, one of Asus products that is very famous around the world as a result of carrying this brand targeted by the electronics market is an ROG series laptop for gaming. This is one of the mainstay products based on this brand. With high specifications including RAM and a capable processor, Lapto Asus ROG series is able to bring gamers to the global gaming complete. MSILaptop MSI

If it is considered the MSI brand, what is on your mind? Game? You are valid. This MSI laptop brand is known and skyrocketed from global gamers. This laptop comes using very high specifications such as RAM specifications of at least 8 GB that can satisfy gamers. Moreover, this time gaming is very rife, this laptop brand is increasingly known & as one of the best gaming laptops globally.

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