Repair of laptops. Repair of laptops.

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Our technical service is specialized in the repair of laptops. We repair and solve any problem that your laptop has, whether it is a software problem (Windows errors, viruses, Trojans, configuring email, etc.) or hardware (Does not turn on the computer, excessive heating, graphics chip failure, hard disk failure, etc.).

We have a lot of experience in the repair of laptops: motherboards, graphics chip, screens, inverters, power connectors in the main brands of the market such as: Toshiba, Asus, HP, Acer, Sony, etc. We repair any brand of laptop.

Laptop repair quotes are always free and without obligation

Learn how much it will cost you to repair your laptop. You can see the prices of the most common repairs here. Main laptop repairs we do are:Repair of laptop motherboards. Electronic repairs of motherboard components (diodes, mosfets, capacitors…), elimination of shorts, replacement of chips, etc.Repair laptop graphics card or GPU. Reballing. If the computer turns on, but does not give video, the graphics chip may have problems. MacBook laptop graphics chip repair.Internal cleaning of fans and heatsinks. If your laptop gets very hot or sounds a lot it is necessary to perform a complete cleaning in the ventilation and dissipation system.Repair of the power connector of the motherboard. We repair or replace the power connectors of all laptops.Repair of TFT and LED screens of any size. We replace LCD and LED screens on laptops that have suffered shocks, falls or that have been damaged internally.Repair of hinges. (Metal parts, lids, frames and plastics).Replacement of damaged hard drive.Expansion of hard drive to SSD and memory.Change of keyboards, batteries, optical drives (DVD+CDRW, DVD-RW and Blue-ray).Removal of viruses, Trojans, spyware and malware. If your laptop has viruses, advertising appears, or programs appear that you did not install, you may need a thorough cleaning.Repair, optimization and reinstallation of the operating system. If your operating system has serious problems and it is not going to look good, all the data is saved and a reinstallation is made.Repair of laptops of any brand.

* All trademarks, designs and logos belong to their respective owners.Where to repair laptop?

We have a store in Madrid in case you want to bring us the computer yourself and enjoy the cheapest rates. If you cannot bring us your computer and if you wish, we can pick it up and deliver it repaired.

If you’re outside of Madrid, don’t worry. We can pick up your laptop in almost the entire national territory, make a diagnosis and prepare the budget to repair your laptop totally free. If this quote satisfies you, we will repair your laptop and send it comfortably to your home or workplace, all in an easy, fast and safe way. More information, please see: Repair laptops. National – Peninsular Scope.

If you have a computer store we can repair your laptops with really interesting conditions. We are currently carrying out repairs of laptops for companies located in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Huelva, etc. Contact us and we will provide you with more details and rates.

All laptop repairs are guaranteed in writing in accordance with applicable law. Laptop repair rates. All services for your laptop.Why choose Solutein to repair my laptop?

Completely free quote. Without any obligation on your part.Clear prices, no fine print and VAT included. The prices for the repairs are clear and you can see them here.Economy. All our prices are below the market average.Repair carried out by technical specialists with years of demonstrable experience. Certified computer technicians in constant training.Rapidity. Both the quote and the repair (in the case of acceptance) are carried out quickly.Guarantee of the repair carried out for a minimum of 3 months or refund of the money paid.We like what we do. We are constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of our customers.

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