Repair laptop? Here’s what to look out for

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Step 1: Are you still entitled to a warranty?

In case of problems, you can go to the store where you bought your laptop within the warranty period. They need to repair the laptop for you for free. Of course, this does not apply to defects that you have caused yourself. For example, by spilling coffee on your laptop or because you have dropped it. Most laptops come with a 12 or 24-month warranty, some even 36 months. Step 2: Repair laptop or buy a new one?

As with cars, the value of laptops drops the fastest in the first year. After about 5 to 6 years, a laptop is depreciated. If something breaks after that time, a repair often costs more than the laptop is worth.

Decide if the cost of the repair outweighs buying a new laptop. Costly repairs, such as to the motherboard or screen, are often very expensive. Step 3: Repair yourself or have it done?

Having it repaired is often the wisest option for difficult technical defects. You can have a laptop made at various companies, students and volunteers. But also the less experienced user can do some things himself. You have different types of repairs, from ‘easy to replace yourself’ to ‘not getting started’. Easy Expand working memory: you can click this in the laptop in no time. Power adapter: this is a separate part and therefore easy to replace. Battery: some batteries are click batteries, you can take them out in no time. In other laptops, the battery is screwed onto the motherboard: a job for advanced users. With glued batteries, it is better not to start. Apple laptops often have this. You run the risk of the glue coming off after a while or the motherboard breaking if you try to remove it.Advanced

Hard drive: Turn off your laptop and remove the battery. Unscrew a cover on the bottom of the laptop, take out the old drive, and click the new one in. The hardest part is getting all the software running again. In advance, you have to temporarily house all files and software somewhere. After that, you need to restore the system from recovery discs or you need to create a clone of your hard drive. There you have a special program and a ‘usb to SATA

Stands for  Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. This is a connection to a computer that makes it possible to exchange data between various computer components (hard disk, DVD drive).

” data-options=””offset”:”5″” rv-class-interface-grey=”” rv-on-click=”” title=”Click to view the information”>SATA’ cable for needed.

MacOS: With MacOS, after you install the operating system, you can restore a backup from an external hard drive. You can make the backup with Time Machine. Keyboard: Getting the old keyboard out is easier than inserting the new keyboard. Make sure you don’t press too hard and accidentally break keys. Some keyboards are easier than others. Laptop screen: replacing a laptop screen is not complicated with some laptops, but it is a precise job. Only replace the screen if you have some experience with this. Because you have to deal with a lot of screws and cables here.Don’t get started Fixed parts, such as defective connections (USB or HDMI), should not be replaced yourself.

Tip: on you will find a lot of instructional videos about repairing yourself. Step 4: Which repairer?

If you have decided to have the laptop repaired, then there is still the question: where? Even if you no longer have a warranty, you can often still go to the store where the laptop was purchased. Or choose a specialized repair company. Checklist repairer Ask multiple repair shops for a quote. Some repairers have the ‘ICT Guarantee’, which you can find via Search Computer Help. Such a guarantee offers trust, but is not a guarantee for the customer. Always back up your data. A repairer usually does this for a fee. Ask whether research costs are charged and whether they are waived in the event of repair. Ask in advance how long it will take and whether you will temporarily receive a replacement laptop. Inquire about cheaper alternatives to the broken part. Ask for a written warranty on the repair itself.

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