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The first online course where you will learn to move around a motherboard following its plans to locate the fault and repair it.

​Fix yourphone. S.R.L.Straight to the point!

What mobile repair courses have been offering is mainly learning to change parts such as the screen, the vibrator… etc, but in many cases those parts do not work because what is damaged is the line not reaching current, or because a capacitor is damaged … etc, and even if you changed the piece it would still not work having spent time and money. Or it can also happen that when you perform a disassembly as you have learned, or the change of a piece, you cause a short circuit leaving the phone useless.

These are just a few examples of how important it is to learn how to move and repair a motherboard, this being one of the most common breakdowns and the most expensive…

You will have to tell the customer that he has no arrangement because it is not worth buying another one. That is happening today in almost every repair shop for lack of knowledge.

It will cost you cents to repair.

-We have created more than 1000 plans to make learning easier.

-You will learn to handle various programs to move around the motherboard and thus follow the lines to locate damaged components and replace them. This is not something that can be learned in 4 days!

-You will have the schematic plans of the latest models that appear.

-We have created a dictionary of acronyms and a breakdown guide to move quickly.

-Complete professional course, without levels or specific subsequent courses.

-Two months of duration where we compress everything you need to know for this profession.

-No need for prior knowledge of electronics, well explained step by step.

-Delivery of technical certificate at an electronic level.

With the registration to this course, we give you another one of SMD and THT microwelding.

It is not simply a small explanation with welding data as offered in other courses, but a totally complete one, where you will learn to weld any type of component of the motherboard professionally, so that added to the training of the rest of the course, you do not resist any breakdown.Always updated and with permanent access.

Our course is alive and constantly evolving and we continue to create content. Well, another advantage is that we give you free access to all the new classes that we continue to create for this course, for life! We will notify you by means of a notification every time we improve or expand it, regardless of whether you have finished the course, so that you are always updated, and without having to pay more for it.

The bad thing about studying a course in a week is that you receive all the information and you can’t assimilate it or consult it when you need it.

With our course you can access from any place and device to the plans, documentation and classes, since we know that over time doubts always arise that need to be consulted. It does not matter if you spend a year, two or five, and it does not matter if we have extended or improved the course. You’ll always have free 24-hour access to content with its updates and improvements.

(Click on each section to display)SYLLABUS

The course is divided into Topics. Each is composed of several classes. Here we show you one of the first and shortest to approach our didactic method.

You will receive the entire course distributed by weeks so that you can plan and adapt it to your schedule, being able to see each class as many times as you need.

You decide the duration of the course. It is structured for a duration of 2 months, but if you want to do it in less time, we will adapt to your learning speed and so you can finish it in less time.Complete professional course2 months ofdurationNo schedulesNo travel

Acquire a complete course for only 49.90 euros, with a market value of more than 120 euros. See for yourself.

Once you make the payment, we will receive your data and you will automatically be enrolled in the course and begin to receive the documentation and classes.

It is a one-time payment for the entire course !Contact

If you have any questions leave us your email or send us a WhatsApp and we will answer you quickly and without any commitment!TESTIMONIALS

“In this profession the most valued personnel is the one who is able to take a mobile, disassemble it, access the motherboard or main board, which is where all the electronics are located, and after making the corresponding measurements is able to locate the fault, desolder the component and re-weld a new one so that the mobile continues to work.”


“It is a plus in this sector to know how to handle Iphone electronics.”

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