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Lenovo began taking shape in 1984 in Beijing. It was the result of the union of eleven engineers with Liu Chuanzi at the head. Everyone wanted to make it one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world. And everything indicates that they ended up getting it. Today, Lenovo remains the world’s leading PC manufacturer.

The truth is that his career has not always been a path of roses. The company has gone through several reference crises. One of them was created when it was separated into two entities: Lenovo and Digital China Holdings Limited. In this way, the Chinese giant became the manufacturer of personal computers and Digital China a distributor of IT products and services.

The repairs of a Lenovo laptop or computer can be many, both at the software and hardware level. There are specialists who are responsible for providing repair services; software bug fixes, compatibility, virus and infection removal and more. But they also specialize in solving why it does not turn on the laptop, overheating, failures in the graphics chip, among others.

Although it is a good and recognized brand worldwide, these devices usually present failures more than you think. But this does not mean that they are poor quality Lenovo computers. So when having a pc or laptop of this brand, you have to know results are the possible repairs you may need. So, this time we will present some of the main repairs that your laptop may need.What are the advantages of Lenovo?

To help you choose from the variety of Lenovo desktops and laptops, here are three of its advantages:It offers a wide range of products: each of them is intended for different purposes, so we advise you to determine which one is yours.The Chinese brand is one of the best sellers in Spain and is known for manufacturing laptops of great value.The products are found in several online stores, so it is important to research well and buy from one of the most reliable.How is a Lenovo computer or laptop different?

Lenovo computers and laptops pass eight durability tests, including extreme dust, vibration, heat, cold, altitude, water and humidity conditions. These feature special details such as ultra-rugged hinges, innovative keyboards and endless edges.

The brand’s machines, which have received hundreds of international awards for their unique and innovative product design, operate efficiently and quietly for lower energy consumption.

In addition, laptops have an interactive interface, with tools such as gestures and voice controls, which provide a contactless user experience.

Every time the firm undertakes the launch of a laptop, it listens to its buyers to understand what their expectations are when they are looking for a laptop.

What is your goal? Design and develop innovative products that truly satisfy what your target audience is asking for and needs.

From our expert technical service in Lenovo, we provide specialized assistance for the repair of Lenovo computers. We are aware of what the characteristics of each model are, so we offer a solution that suits them and your demands. At the same time, we apply this innovative and unique philosophy to the repair of Lenovo laptops.Lenovo Equipment Repair

Mainly the repairs that these portable devices require are mostly at the hardware level. It is very rare for you to experience damage or problems with your software; Of course, as long as it is properly maintained, it will not present failures in your system. But as for possible repairs, you will find:Repairs to the motherboard of your Lenovo laptop. Here mainly the area and / or component that is presenting the fault is usually identified. Usually, faults are found in electronic components; resistors, transistors, capacitors, integrated chips.Diagnosis and repair of the graphics card. It is very common and highly likely that your laptop will turn on but that it will not send video. If so, the fault is occurring in the graphics card; or requires a change, adjustment or repair as such.Problems with fans and dissipation system. This can encourage excessive heating of the laptop; which may lead to damage to other parts or components of the Lenovo laptop.Failures are devices such as the keyboard, sensors, hard drives, memories, optical drives, among others.Repair and change of LCD screen. One of the main problems presented by this brand. Mainly this type of damage appears due to blows or falls; causes an electronic component to be damaged and in many cases completely impossible to repair.

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