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There are many factors that determine whether your smartphone will work well or not. If at least one of your phone’s components is not working properly, the usability of the device as a whole may be compromised.

But how do you figure out exactly what’s going wrong with your device? Maybe the accelerometer seems to be a little out of shape when playing games, or maybe Wi-Fi isn’t working the way it should when accessing websites or apps.

No matter what your problem is, there are some apps that can help you figure out what’s wrong with your phone and how to resolve the issue. Even if you don’t have a specific problem, it might be nice to do a check-up just to make sure everything’s okay. Here are some useful tools for checking the health of your Android device:

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For starters, the Google Device Assistant app is good software for diagnosing a problem on Android. The app is available in the Play Store (or as an APK for manual installation if you are a Nexus or Moto device owner).

For beginners, the app gives several tips for using the device better. When you start it, it asks if you want to use it in Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced mode. Each mode offers different usage tips, depending on the user’s familiarity with the operating system.

Navigation is simple, with cards providing different information in easy-to-understand language, but you can also seek help on some particular topic. 2. Test your Android

In Test Your Android the user can do a series of tests on the device, such as checking the colors of the display, camera, sounds, hardware, among others.

In it, you can monitor the status of your phone and understand in which situations the hardware is most required. Test Your Android is available in the Play Store. 3. What’s going on, doctor?

Whenever you have a health problem, you go to the doctor, right? Phone Doctor Plus is a doctor for your mobile phone, performing various types of check-ups with different usage profiles.

Once the tests are complete, a progress bar at the top of the app receives increments until it is fully populated. The date each test runs is written to the app so you always know when a certain feature was functioning normally. Just like the others, Phone Doctor Plus also shows your phone’s status.

Download Phone Doctor Plus from the Play Store. 4th Z – Device Test

For those looking for a more technical aspect in device monitoring, the Z – Device Test is a good choice. Although the look of the app is not the most beautiful and not the easiest to understand, it offers specific and well detailed information about various aspects of your phone.

In a full checklist, the app will list all the features your phone has with a green tag, and also point to functions that aren’t present on the device with a red X.

The app has a free version on the Play Store. 5. No more dead pixels

Most of the above apps detect if your device has any Dead Pixel, but they offer no option to fix the problem. If your phone or tablet actually has this problem, you can solve it with JScreenFix.

Some dead pixels are hardware defects and these cannot be repaired by any application. Others only need to switch between green, red and blue for some time to be reactivated.

JScreenFix is not an app, but a website that works on any LCD device with display, be it a computer or a smartphone or tablet. The site features a black screen for you to identify the dead pixel and then, to resolve the issue, you place a square made available by the site on site with the problem. If all goes well, the problem will be fixed.

Now with all these options, you have no excuse to use your phone with a lower performance than desired!

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