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Do you want to buy a laptop or notebook? We are happy to help you find the ideal laptop in our wide range. Five things play an important role in your choice: the screen size, the processor, the storage capacity, the RAM and the graphics card. Do you often work on the move? Then a laptop with touchscreen might be useful. Still need more info to decide which laptop suits you best? Then be sure to read our 12 tips when choosing a laptop. Ask for advice and buy the ideal laptop or notebook from your professional in the area.

Want to buy a new laptop? Our specialists are always ready for you in the store in your area. They make your new laptop ready for use or transfer your files from your old to your new laptop if you wish. Ask your specialist about all the services they offer.

On this page you will find our laptop overview. We always have a laptop that suits you. Laptops for students, thin and light laptops to take with you, gaming laptops and laptops for professional use. Discover our extensive range. How do you choose your new laptop? 2 in 1 laptop

A 2 in 1 laptop is a laptop and tablet in 1. So you get 2 devices for the price of one. You can also use these laptops with touchscreen as a tablet by disconnecting the keyboard or tilting the screen backwards via the 360° hinge. Some 2 in 1 laptops also have a tent and display mode, as shown.

> View the 2 in 1 Laptops Gaming Laptop

Do you occasionally game to relax or do you go for the top? With a gaming laptop from Acer, Asus, HP, lenovo or MSI you always game at a high level. Always a perfect image without stuttering, ultra-sensitive trackpad and keyboard with RGB lighting and good cooling so that your laptop does not overheat.

> View gaming laptops Business laptop

For your business, you need a powerful laptop or notebook that you can rely on. A laptop with the most secure operating system ever: Windows 10 Pro. The Pro version includes extra security for your data and the data of your customers or patients. All about Windows 10.

> View the Business Laptops Ultrabook

Discover our range of thin and light laptops. These powerful laptops are perfect to take with you wherever you go. They also start up super fast and have a long battery life. Ultrabooks are the perfect mobile laptops! And finally, they look good too.

> View the ultrabooks Multimedia laptop

Looking for a laptop for everyday use? A device to surf, email, pay bills, watch movies or perform school tasks? Then one of our multimedia laptops is perfect for you. Choose your favourite from a wide range of HP, Acer, Asus and Lenovo.

> View the multimedia laptops Power laptop

Looking for a real power laptop? These laptops with powerful and fast processors can effortlessly handle all the heavy tasks. Photo editing, video editing, AutoCAD and other software run on these laptops without any problems. Discover our range of powerhouses!

> View the power laptops Blogs about laptops 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processor: Graphic violence for laptops Intel 10th Gen: Lighter, faster and longer 12 tips when choosing a laptop Difference between a laptop and a desktop 5 tips if you buy a laptop Thin and light laptops with Windows 10 Thin and powerful notebooks thanks to new Intel processor

Acer laptops are known for excellent value for money. When you buy an Acer, you get your money’s worth. Moreover, with this brand you will not only find entry-level ranges, they also offer an extensive choice of powerful models that we recommend for playing games or editing photos or videos.

>Acer Acer Nitro laptops: affordable gaming acer aspire 5 laptops Acer Swift and Spin laptops

Huawei laptops combine a chic look with powerful hardware. It is extremely suitable for editing a video or photos. Plus, the case is all aluminum, which makes the laptops look nice and feel sturdy. Also nice are the thin screen edges and the handy fingerprint scanner, with which you can log in without typing a password.

>Huawei MateBook X Pro: Huawei’s answer to the MacBook!

HP has clearly classified the range according to usage. For simple tasks like surfing the web, emailing, or keeping up with social media, an HP Pavilion is more than enough. If you also want to play a fun game or edit photos or videos as a hobby, we recommend a more powerful laptop from the Envy series. The HP Spectre has a combination of good specifications and looks. While the serious gamer is served with the Omen.

>HP Discover all HP laptops HP Pavilion series: enough power for a long day at work HP Envy: Exceptionally powerful laptop HP x360: The HP 2 in 1 Laptop for Mobile Students HP Envy x360: the best 2 in 1 laptop tablet! HP Spectre x360: Powerful, flexible and stylish

Asus doesn’t just have conventional laptops for everyone’s budget. At Asus you will also find 2-in-1 models. These are laptops that you can turn into a tablet in no time by clicking or turning the screen. If mobility is important, we recommend an Asus Zenbook. These notebooks are thinner and lighter than other laptops and can therefore easily be taken anywhere. For the gamers, there’s the Republic Of Gamers (ROG) series. If you need a powerful laptop that also lets you edit photos and videos, go for an N-series model.

The Microsoft laptops combine the convenience of a tablet and the comfort of a laptop. All these models have a touchscreen, so you can also take the laptop out of your backpack for a quick note. Do you also need a keyboard? Then choose a combination with a Typecover keyboard. With the magnetic connection, you can turn the laptop into a full-fledged laptop in a second. A model with touch pen is suitable for sketches and designs on the screen. Then choose a Surface Pro with Core i5 or i7 processor.

>Microsoft Microsoft surface range Microsoft Surface Pro laptop

MSI laptops are not only recommended for real gamers, thanks to the powerful components they are also well suited for heavy tasks such as editing videos. The days when a gaming laptop was a fat, clumsy thing that makes a lot of noise are thankfully over. Look for special features like macro keys, G Sync or a SteelSeries keyboard to take your gaming skills to the next level. MSI gaming laptops with GeForce RTX graphics card MSI GS65 Stealth Thin Notebook

Lenovo’s laptops excel in build quality and can therefore take a beating. We recommend the Lenovo Ideapad series for personal use and the Thinkpad series is optimized for use in the office. In addition, Lenovo has some exotics in the range such as the Flex and the Yoga where you can turn the screen backwards so that you can turn your laptop into a tablet in no time.

>Lenovo Super flexible with Lenovo Yoga laptops

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