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The iPhone has always stood out for being a great smartphone, and that includes the iPhone X. If yours is experiencing any difficulties, chances are you can fix it and keep using your device for a while longer. In this guide we bring you the iPhone X problems you can face and how to solve them. You will be interested in:Screen Protectors for iPhone XHow to Restore iPhoneHow to change the battery of an iPhoneProblem: Battery drains too fast

The iPhone X is a few years old and you can’t expect the battery life to be what it was. That said, batteries that drain suspiciously fast indicate a problem of some sort, so if you’re really suffering from the short battery backup time, it’s time to take a look at some solutions. Possible solutions:Update to the latest version of iOS. The operating system includes updates that allow the software to use power more efficiently, improving battery life. Ignoring this setting can have the opposite effect. It’s a good idea to update all your apps for similar reasons.Restart your iPhone completely by holding down the power button and a volume button at the same time until it turns off. This can fix some buggy processes that may be draining battery life.Go to Settings, go to General, and choose Background Update. Turn this option off or turn off as many apps as you can. This greatly reduces background activity and saves battery.Go to Settings, choose Battery and turn on Low Power Mode. This is also a good place to look at the battery status, which contains very useful information for diagnosing a faulty battery.Problem: “This accessory is not optimized for this iPhone” message appears

This can happen when you connect a new or old accessory and it usually has a couple of specific causes that aren’t necessarily related to product compatibility. Solutions:Clean the port: Take a good look at the port on the bottom of your iPhone and make sure it’s completely clean. If there is a buildup of dust or dirt, use a solution of isopropyl alcohol and something mild, such as a cotton swab, to clean it very gently.If this keeps happening, take your iPhone to the Apple Store for repair. There is probably some internal corrosion; this is especially likely if you recently got your iPhone X wet.Problems: low performance and stutters

If you’ve owned the iPhone X since its launch in 2017, you’ve likely encountered more delays and slowdowns in performance over the years. This is nothing new with iPhones and cell phones in general, and you’re not alone. Users of reddit and Apple support forums have screamed at the idea of stuttering, and its main culprit seems to be the state of the battery. Possible corrections:When battery health drops below 80 percent, iOS automatically activates peak performance capacity, which optimizes or reduces power consumption in exchange for longer battery life. You can disable this feature by going to Settings> Battery> Battery Status> Maximum Performance Capacity> Disable.Replacing the battery completely can also improve performance and make your phone feel like new. This can be done on Apple’s website or at your local Apple Store.Problem: Muffled sound/poor audio quality

The iPhone X’s speakers provide excellent audio quality, but they’re still susceptible to dirt and dust. In a recent Reddit thread, users have complained that their iPhone X’s speakers sound off or can only be heard when switched to landscape mode. While there is no definitive solution, here are some possible solutions that should produce positive results. Possible corrections:Before you mess with the speaker itself, make sure the audio settings are balanced by going to Settings> Accessibility> Audio/Visuals and dragging the stereo balance slider from left to right towards the center.A dirty speaker can also be to blame. It uses compressed air to remove loose dust particles inside the speaker. If you don’t have air, take an unused toothbrush and remove excess material.Problem: Calls dropping

In the Apple support forum, several users have stated that some calls fall on the iPhone X. This is one of those problems that has many potential causes, including your network and location. However, there are a few things you can try to do to reduce or definitively eradicate the sudden drop in calls. Solutions:Some people seem to have had calling issues with VoLTE, so you can always try turning it off. Go to Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Options> Turn on 4G and switch to Data just to see if there’s any difference.Possible fixes:It’s definitely worth trying a simple reset to refresh your iPhone X by turning it off and back on or forcing the reset.There may be a problem with your network settings. Try going to Settings> General> Reset and tap Reset Network Settings, then do a test again.Take a look at Settings> General> About and wait a few seconds to see if you have the option to update via a pop-up window titled Operator Settings Update. If you do, tap Update.If you still have problems, contact your operator and ask for advice.Problem: Not charging, charging very slowly, or wireless charging not working

Some people have had problems with charging their iPhone X. Threads on Apple’s support forum talk about iPhones X refusing to charge, charging slowly, or not charging wirelessly. Possible solutions:First, make sure the fault isn’t in the charging cable, charger, or wireless platform: test these with another device, or test your iPhone X with a different charger.If you have a protective case on your iPhone X, remove it and retest to make sure it’s not the protector that’s preventing charging.Try restarting your iPhone X by turning it off and back on, or forcing the restart. This could temporarily resolve the issue.If the problem persists, contact Apple Support. You may need a new charging port or some other hardware solution.Problem: GPS is not working properly

Some people have been complaining about the iPhone X’s GPS for quite some time. There are several threads on Apple’s support forums about GPS issues to get an accurate, detouring, or simply not working well location. Possible solutions:Start at Settings> Privacy> Location Services and make sure GPS is turned on and all apps that require access to location data (such as Google Maps) have it enabled.Open the App Store and review the Update section to make sure all the apps you’ve struggled with are fully up to date.Check Settings> General> Software Update and make sure you have the latest iOS update.Try turning Airplane Mode on and off. You can do this through the airplane icon in control center or by going to Settings> Airplane Mode.Go to Settings> General> Reset and select Reset location and privacy.If so far nothing has worked, then you could try a factory reset. Just make sure before making a backup.Nothing? Well, it’s time to contact Apple Support or go to an Apple store; there’s a small chance you’ll have a hardware problem.Problem: Touchscreen is unresponsive or does so on its own

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