If you don’t know 15 tricks to maximize your laptop keyboard, don’t be sophisticated just yet!

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Laptops are no longer new to us. But after years of knowing and using it, do you already know all the other ins and outs of this laptop? Are you sure you understand other functions according to each button?

For a moment, do not personally understand if you do not know the same 15 tricks that are able to maximize the function of your laptop keyboard keys. Yes, your permission is not curious Hipwee will share the trick to you, remember well yes! To make the process of editing pen strokes faster, Ctrl + ← / → help you move the cursor by one alphabet to another.

So that your level is taken care of typing or editing the script increases, it is very important to try the trick Ctrl + ← / → will not be disappointed with you .two. No need to use a mouse to block a sentence or paragraph, use Ctrl + Shift + ← / →

Bother not anyway if your hands have to go back and forth to the keyboard key then the mouse. Whereas thebol on your own laptop keyboard can be relied upon to help block sentences. Press Ctrl + Shift + ← / → simultaneously, Done deh.three. Delete one word quickly & stay once press Backspace don’t forget to add it by pressing Ctrl yes!

Instead of pressing it continuously the Backspace button many times the time to delete one word is quite long. Mending just press Ctrl then followed using Backspace, once press directly with one term missing. Just press Shift + Home / End all text at the bottom or top can be exclusively blocked, even at a count of 1 sk less.

If you generally need when ticking seconds, even minutes to block the entire sentence above or below. Reening Shift + Home or End will trim when pulling the cursor on a end-to-end basis. It only takes one dtk all the desired sentences will be personal to the block. Closing the entire window without having to click it one by one, it’s easy! Press the Start button & the letter “M” together. 🙂

Instead of tired of clicking one-on-one, press the Start button together with the alphabet M. So at least all windows. Want to test the awesomeness of Windows 7 by looking at the entire appearance of the application that is being opened, let’s try pressing together the Start and Tab buttons. It’s fun! Hehehe….

The latest windows display is okay to have, & if you want to see other excitement from it try tea press the Start plus Tab button together. Hehehe….7. Hastily want to ninggalin laptop but do not want complicated lock it, the Start button that is pressed simultaneously using the letter “L” so the solution.

Let it not take a long time and have to click according to the beginning of the power icon, press aja start + L. Directly dedh your laptop is locked, and so it is safe to immediately leave at the table. The Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys can help you quickly open Taks Manager. Press Alt + Prt Sc at the same time to create a screen capture window that you are actively opening.

Just want to capture the screen window display that is again active, no need to shake. Pressing Alt & Prt Scr is very helpful you know! No need to right-click again to change the file name, just click the flie you want & after that press the F2 button, done deh!

Ribet emang if you have to click right, continue to click again the option “rename”, but the completion of knowing other functions according to the F2 button, you are not complicated anymore right. 🙂11. Increase or shrink the window view using Ctrl + Scroll mouse, guaranteed to be more economical when.

This is the most often annoying, again want to quickly read the web or word you just downloaded, eh it turns out the letters are too small. You want to increase the appearance, but the laziest also if you have to use a mouse to change the size of the appearance. Want to flip the look of the window you opened to the initial size? Just press Ctrl + 0, simple right!

If flipping the window display size is also easy, just press Ctrl & 0 at the same time. Adding a new window or Tab to the browser can also quickly use the press key Ctrl + T

For those who like to browse, this one trick helps once for those of you who like to stack the web that is being opened. Press the keys Ctrl & T, done deh.14. Well, if you want to close again the tab that you have opened, the Ctrl + Shift + T key can be the way of emergence. yes~~

Want to close the tab again, still do not need to hover over the icon X. Just press together Ctrl + Shift + T, privately close the tab.15. Pressing the Ctrl + L key along with help you copy the web link you are opening, without the hassle of pulling the cursor from the ujuk to the end.

Want to share the article link but to the chat room, but rather males also copy the link. You have to, exclusively press Aja Ctrl +L.

How’s it, it’s fun, isn’t it? Your work is guaranteed to be faster, no need to bother clicking one by one, or pulling the cursor based on end to end. Just press a few buttons at once, & sorted out. 🙂 Good luck, gais! Oh yes if there is a you think have another trick, let’s share it in the comments field.

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