How to repair the damaged battery of your mobile? We present these solutions

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Have you been watching your phone’s battery drain in a few hours for days? Do you doubt if the battery has finished its life cycle?

If you think it may have broken down and you have to go on your back with an external battery or the charging cable of your smartphone, we are going to give you some tips that can revive that battery or help its duration be longer.

As we have said, if you observe that your phone turns off when it still reflected a 25% battery, or you appreciate that the percentage of it is reduced to a devilish speed and leaves you incommunicado without prior notice we must take into account several factors. Causes that may prevent proper battery charging

The first thing to watch is whether the battery offers obvious signs of deformity, whether it is swollen or similar. Obviously this is much easier if the battery is removable, but today most smartphones are “unibody”, that is, they can not be disassembled.

Therefore if you observe in the back any anomaly in its shape and it discharges abnormally you should take it to the technical service or get rid of it.

Another option that we must take into account is the charging port, we must make sure that it is completely clean and free of dust, lint or other foreign bodies that hinder or prevent a correct loading.

And thirdly, you obviously need to make sure you charge with your cable and your original charger. We must observe the cable to which we connect the phone, since it is one of the parts that most often suffers, since we bend it, roll it up for when we go out for the weekend, or leave it permanently connected to the same place.

Best Battery Saver for Android and How to Use It

It may be for a thousand things, or simply for heavy use that the cable is damaged at the base of the connector, or along its surface.

These are the options that we can appreciate at first glance, and referring to the hardware, let’s go now with the possibilities that can affect its performance through the software.

In this case we must observe if we have installed any application that may be draining the battery. To do this we will enter Settings → Battery → Use of the Battery and observe the values that it throws us, referring to the different applications that we have downloaded.

Keep in mind that weather applications, animated widgets, or live wallpapers can lead to excessive battery consumption, and cause discharge quickly. Solutions to revive your battery

Another situation that can cause the discharge of the battery is the temperature to which they can be subjected. Due to their use they can get quite hot and that causes the load to vanish before your eyes without you being able to do anything. There are online forums that recommend “freezing the batteries”.

Assuming it is removable and you can do it to improve its longevity, they recommend wrapping it in plastic or newspaper and putting it in the freezer for three to seven days.

Honestly, I do not think this measure is effective, since the Greenbatteries company makes it clear: “Putting the batteries in the freezer or in the fridge does not necessarily prolong their life.” Extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) do not improve the performance of a battery. In fact, they claim that it can worsen its operation and accelerate corrosion.

If you continue researching online, you can read other “solutions” such as scratching the battery!

Yes. You have read that right, they indicate that this is a very effective and economical trick, although it is only valid when the problem is that the battery does not make a good connection with the mobile phone. Follow these steps to fix it:First, remove the battery from the mobile (if it is removable).Then carefully scratch the metal sheets, both from the battery and the mobile, where it is connected. It is recommended to scratch it with something metallic and sharp, such as the tip of a screwdriver.Finally, you just have to put the battery back in place and… that’s it!

I reiterate that these solutions if you make them should be under your responsibility, because more than helping to improve the battery, you can end it …

Another “trick” to revive damaged batteries is the “electroshock” or “electroshock”.

Some lithium-ion batteries can be tried to fix when a small electric shock is applied to them. To do it we need a large battery, of the 9V and 2 cables with the ends peeled to make the contact.

Now locate the positive and negative connections of the 9V battery, and connect a cable to each of the poles. Protects the attachment points with tape for added security.

The phone’s battery also has the positive and negative terminals marked, then connects the positive pole of the battery with the positive pole of the battery using the cable. Do the same with the negative pole, and hold the connection for 10 to 60 seconds, remove the cables, place the battery in the phone and try to charge the mobile as usual. After a charging time, try turning on the phone.

I remind you that handling a battery involves its risks, and can explode, ignite and cause greater damage, so it is best to take the battery to a technical service, where they will have the necessary equipment to do this type of work.

If after doing this procedure the battery no longer responds, it is most likely that it is damaged and it is necessary to replace it with a new one. Or take advantage of the approaching Blackfriday and buy a new smartphone. How to calibrate a battery

If you do not trust all of the above, you can choose to perform a calibration of the battery of your smartphone. Although on Google Play there are apps designed to perform this process automatically, actually carrying out the calibration is quite simple to do, and no external aids or specific tools are needed.

To calibrate the battery of a mobile, whether Android or another operating system, you only have to follow two steps:Drain the battery of your smartphone until the “Low Battery” warning appears, do not let it turn off. You can leave it at 2%, for example.Recharge the battery completely, and disconnect it from the mains.

And nothing more, nothing to leave the mobile off or without battery for hours, or plugged into the charger for many others, or any of the other myths related to the battery calibration process that for years flood the network.

By performing these two simple steps from time to time we can end up with the batteries decalibrated, and avoid erroneous readings of the percentage of energy remaining by the Android operating system.

If you want to make use of applications to calibrate batteries, and try to prolong both their duration and the useful life of it, I will refer you to two very well valued applications in the Play Store that can help you on this occasion. AccuBattery – Drums

AccuBattery measures actual battery usage using information from the battery charge controller. Battery usage for each application is determined by combining these measurements along with information about the application in the foreground.

Android calculates battery usage using preset profiles provided by the device manufacturer, such as power usage by the CPU. However, in practice, these numbers are often highly inaccurate.Control how much battery your device is usingFind out how long you can use your device when it’s active or in standby mode.Find out how much power each app consumes.Monitor how often your device comes out of deep sleep.Kaspersky Battery Life: Take advantage of your battery

Now you can increase battery life, spend less time with your Android device connected to the charger, without worrying about being low on charge.

Kaspersky Battery Life is the battery saving tool that helps you increase the battery life of your Android phones and tablets.

It automatically monitors all the applications that run on your devices, lets you know which ones consume more energy and how much battery charge is left; in addition, it helps you close unnecessary applications.

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