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The Android operating system has been the mainstay of smartphone expansion. With an intuitive and versatile interface, it is the favorite system of many; although that doesn’t make it perfect. Like any computer program, it is prone to common errors that users often suffer.

Learn to identify and solve common faults on your Android phone without taking it to a specialized technician. Know what the main mistakes that occur are and how to correct them on your own. Thus, you can extend the useful life of your device and enjoy the virtual environment of Android to the fullest without complications or errors.

It’s true that Android has become a platform on par with desktop operating systems, to a point where smartphones are essential elements to the lifestyle of many. But being so complex, it can suffer a wide variety of mishaps whose cause is difficult to identify instantly.

In such cases, many users choose to take their device to a professional technician; others use diagnostic applications to analyze their system and determine the cause of the problem. A third alternative that may be more effective and secure is to use the diagnostic tools built into the operating system.

If your phone suffers from seemingly inexplicable glitches, you can find out what’s going on with the help of Android’s hidden codes. It is an advanced system to examine the state of the system and detect any errors or failures. However, this tool is not found in the ‘Settings’ like other system resources.

To execute these codes, you need to go to the ‘Phone’ app and dial ‘*#0*#’. Some phone manufacturers assign a different code, so you should know all the hidden codes for Android and iOS. Follow the instructions that the system will give you and you will get a diagnosis about the status of your system.What are the main failures that the Android operating system has?

Common Android errors can be reflected in basic system elements, such as connectivity or battery. Other glitches directly affect performance, shutting down the device or even blocking certain apps. In other cases, the interface becomes significantly slow or the touch screen stops responding.

One of the most frequent causes for these system crashes are corrupt files remaining after a system update. It can also be malware that has crept into your device through a file you’ve received from the Internet. They can also be caused by a conflict with the cache of applications.

Other errors are caused by hardware wear. Using heavy applications for long periods of time causes the components of your cell phone to overheat and become prone to errors. This causes abnormal wear and tear on the device’s battery or spontaneous system reboots, among other performance failures.

Some failures manifest themselves through their symptoms and can be difficult to identify; others reflect an associated error code that you can check in the support section of the Google Play store. This makes it much easier to find a definitive solution for any of the problems that your Android device suffers.How to fix the system errors that an Android phone has?

Depending on the type of error that your cell phone presents, there are several ways to fix it. Errors with codes can be fixed with simple actions, such as deleting the cache of applications or reinstalling some; others require more complex actions, such as adjusting advanced system settings or freeing up RAM space.

One of the most common methods to fix Android errors is to restart the phone. In most cases, the problems are solved after turning the cell phone off and on. Another practical alternative is to update the operating system to avoid compatibility conflicts between the applications and the system.

Freeing up storage space can also optimize your phone’s performance and fix a lot of fluidity errors. However, in some cases, the most practical thing is to apply an advanced solution that corrects the problem definitively. You can do this through two means: connect it to a computer or download a special application. Fix it from a computer

If the error has totally affected the operation of the phone, you will need to connect it to your computer to repair it. From there, you can use your antivirus or some other computer tool to analyze and fix your cell phone. One of the most effective programs to do so is ‘dr.fone’, compatible with a large number of devices.

Using the ReiBoot app

An effective way to optimize your cell phone and fix any system errors is through the Tenorshare ReiBoot app. Compatible with hundreds of devices, it is capable of repairing almost any type of problem in system performance. You install this program on your computer, connect your phone and start the repair.What to do if your Android device continues to have system crashes?

Almost all common Android errors are fixable; however, some of them may be more persistent and remain after applying all the basic methods. Even repair apps may not be enough for certain system failures. In such cases, the options are much more limited.

A universal solution is to restore the factory settings, that is, format the mobile and return it to its original settings. This restores the system to its original version and usually eliminates all software errors that your cell phone may suffer.

If that doesn’t work, the only option is to take it to a service store or change cell phones. All software problems have a solution on Android, but once the physical components are affected, the device can become unusable and requires a professional to repair it.

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