How to Fix iPhone Software Issues

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One of the most trusted names, dr.fone-Repair is the most effective iOS repair software in the industry. Developed by a highly professional team, dr.fone-Repair ensures a resolution of most iOS issues like black screen of death, iPhone stuck in DFU mode or a reset loop, etc. It shields you from these chronic problems that affect the normal functioning of your iPhone.


Incredibly useful, with a simple interface.

Compatibility with all the latest versions of iPhones and iPads is ensured.

No data is lost during repair.

Able to solve common iOS problems, it repairs the software.2. FonePawiOS System Recovery

The FonePawiOS System Recovery is also a good iPhone repair software and is useful for dealing with iOS-related issues. With this repair software, you can fix some of the most frequent scenarios where iPhone gets stuck, software not working properly, etc.


Useful to solve the problem of iPhone stuck in headphone mode.

It makes sure you don’t lose information during the repair.


You don’t have an option to get in or out of recovery easily.

It can’t work on a Windows 10 PC.3. Phone Rescue for iOS

Phone Rescue is a software to consider iOS system recovery that offers free features of recovery options. It works well to fix minimal issues like phone stuck on restart or black screen. However, Phone Rescue helps users with 3 recovery modes to recover any kind of lost or deleted information from an iCloud or iTunes backup. In this way, it works as an iPhone repair software.


Great for protecting user data.

It serves to recover information from iPhone.


High Possibility of losing information during the repair process.4. JoyoshareUltFix (iOS System Recovery)

Like many other apps available, Joyoshare is a free repair software for iOS that helps you solve your phone’s problems. With just one click, JoyoshareUltFix launches your iPhone/iPad into recovery mode. It makes sure to provide users with a simple and straightforward way to restart their iPhone with the iOS stuck.


It is quite compatible with the latest versions of iPhone and iOS.

It helps to update the Operating System of the iPhone.


Very limited features in the trial version.

The support team takes a long time to resolve customer questions.

5. TenorshareReiBoot

Speaking of system recovery software on iOS, TenorshareReiBoot is crucial in repairing. It is designed to solve the issues that affect the normal operation of your iPhone. First analyze their cause and then solve them with a couple of simple clicks.


It can solve some iPhone system issues like iPhone stuck on Apple logo or recovery mode, etc.


The software crashes.

Very limited features in the trial version.6. iSkysoft Toolbox-Repair (iOS)

Like any other free iOS repair software, iSkysoft Repair (iOS) prioritizes solving common iOS issues. It makes sure to recover iPhone/iPad stuck in Apple logo or recovery/DFU mode and returns your phone to its normal state.


No associated risks, no data loss.


Sometimes the software fails to repair the phone.

7. PrimosynciOS System Recovery

PrimosynciOS System Recovery is also an iOS system recovery software. Like many other similar apps, it makes sure to provide stable solutions to different iPhone software issues.


It is useful for solving common problems.


It is not a free iOS repair software.

Its features and functions are limited.8. TuneskitiOS System Recovery

TuneskitiOS System Recovery is an iOS repair software that works reasonably well. It is designed to provide solutions to all iOS issues.


Retrieves 20 different kinds of information.


The trial version does not allow you to save the files.

It is expensive compared to other contemporary software.9. FoneLab- iOS System Recovery

Last on our list is FoneLab-iOS System Recovery, a useful iOS system recovery software that works to solve a number of iOS issues. It makes sure to return your phone to a normal state.


Capable of recovering software issues from iPhone, iPad, etc.


The trial version excludes the file recovery feature.In short

When studying different free iOS repair apps, the best tool in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and getting exemplary results is dr.fone (Repair). It has all the features that a good iPhone repair software should have.

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