How to Fix ‘Crazy Screen on Android’ Easy and Fast | Find out how to do it

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Our devices can present failures in the screen that cause it not to respond, so you may wonder How do I repair the crazy screen on my Android mobile?

Crazy screen on Android? Solution

Before turning to a professional, you should know that you can solve this problem yourself. We invite you to read the best solutions for the crazy screen of an Android.How to fix ‘Crazy Screen on Android’ easy and fast

There are many factors that can cause this problem on your device. However, the most frequent causes are static buildup or configuration failures.

Although, it can also originate from frequent drops or bumps, where your screen is black, as well as some type of malware, virus, or application that is not good for the operating system of your mobile. Or simply that your phone is with a white screen, another frequent problem.

Below, we will give you a list of the best solutions for ‘Crazy Screen on Android’: Restart your mobile.

It is one of the easiest solutions to run and by far one of the most secure for your device. However, we recommend that you implement it only if the problem is not very serious.

When you restart your mobile, it is very likely that the fault will be eliminated after the cache cleanup.

You will only have to press and hold the off button for a few seconds, and when the ‘restart’ icon appears click on it. After the restart your mobile should work correctly. Use repair apps.

Another method that could work for you is the use of repair applications.

Since there is a large number of applications available for Android devices, which are designed to solve failures in the operating system of mobile phones.

One of the most recommended is Touchscreen Calibration, this is responsible for calibrating the screen of your mobile, in order to improve its functionality.

On the other hand, you can also find Touchscreen Repair, this is responsible for analyzing the performance of your device and eliminating unprovoked touches.

To implement this method, you will only have to enter the Google Play of your mobile, search for the application and download it. After installing it, you will only have to follow the instructions and you can repair your mobile easily. Other solutions for ‘Crazy Screen on Android’

On the other hand, here are other methods that you can perform if the screen problem on your device continues:Burner method.

Believe it or not, this method is very practical to fix crazy screen problems or unprovoked touches on mobile devices, no matter your model or brand.

To execute it, you will only have to use the spark generator that the common lighters have.

Having the spark generator, you should only apply very light electric shocks in the areas of your mobile that has failures, either by phantom pulsations or areas that do not respond.

However, this method is very safe since you do not apply electric shocks that are capable of damaging your mobile, but they can cause the repair of your device. Installation of an antivirus.

It is important to rule out that it is not a virus or malware on your Android device, so you can implement as a solution the download of an antivirus.

To do this you will only have to enter the Play Store and download some, we recommend you use ‘Avast Free Antivirus’, which is available for all Android devices and is completely safe.

After its download and installation, you will only have to run the application, the antivirus will perform a scan and remove any virus you may have on the mobile, solving the problem of crazy screen. Perform factory reset.

If the faults on your device persist, you can perform a factory reset on your mobile device.

However, we recommend that you back up before running this method, to avoid losing information that you consider important.

After making the backup, you will only have to turn off your mobile and press and hold the volume + button along with the power button for a few seconds.

The recovery menu will automatically appear on the screen, where you will have to select the ‘Wipe Data’ folder and later, ‘Factory Reset’.

This will cause your mobile to restart and function optimally. However, in case of not working, we recommend you go to a professional to solve the faults of crazy screen.

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