How to Fix Bluetooth Issues on iPhone

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Bluetooth connectivity with another device may fail on numerous occasions for unknown reasons. If you are within the range of the device and you do not understand very well what is failing, in this article we show you a series of solutions to make your bluetooth connection work again and thus be able to enjoy other devices that depend on this connection such as the Apple Watch, car audio devices or any speaker that needs this type of connection to be used through the iPhone. So, if you are having problems with the bluetooth connection of your iPhone, pay close attention to these possible solutions that we propose.

One of the solutions that we always propose when it comes to being able to solve any problem you may have with your iPhone is the restart of it. In many cases, the problems that the iPhone can present in a timely manner have their origin in a series of internal processes that are carried out in the background and that can be blocked for different reasons, which results in some of the daily functions of the iPhone, as it is in this case the correct operation of the Bluetooth connection can fail. Therefore, one of the solutions that can end up with a satisfactory result is to restart the device. In fact, it is advisable that, at least once a week, this process is carried out to avoid failures of this type. So, if you are having problems with the Bluetooth connection of your iPhone, the first thing we recommend you do is restart the device and check if, after the restart, the problem still persists.

Reset the connection

On certain occasions the connections that the device tries to make with a particular accessory can enter an infinite loop. This occurs when the connection ends up failing but keeps trying to make the connection without any success or simply crashes. This causes that although you want to link with a specific accessory does not recognize it or failures constantly.

The solution is to reset the Bluetooth connection, turning it off and turning it back on. It is important not to do it from the control center of the iPhone but you have to access the settings. You simply have to follow the following steps: On your iPhone, go to Settings. Go to the ‘Bluetooth’ section. Turn off the first option that appears at the beginning and turn it back on.

This connection can also be restored by activating the airplane mode and then deactivating it and even restarting the specific computer. Even if they are simple actions you will save a lot of time and in most cases with this simple process the Bluetooth will work correctly again. Forget a device

If you’re having trouble connecting to a particular device wirelessly, you can simply delete it. When you make the iPhone stop taking into account the device you will force it to track it again and link from scratch. With this eliminate all communication problems that may exist in this link. To be able to perform this operation you simply have to follow the following steps: Go to Settings on your iPhone. Tap on the Bluetooth section almost at the beginning. In the ‘My devices’ section, locate the one that is giving you connection problems. Click on the ‘i’ icon on the right. Select the ‘Bypass Device’ option

In this way the computer will disappear from the ‘My devices’ section. You will have to look for it again as if it were totally new and link it from scratch. In this way you can guarantee that any connection problems that may exist are eliminated. Reset networks

Connectivity settings can be reset at any time so they can look like you’ve debuted your iPhone. This will save you from having to resort to formatting the iPhone, and with this simple option that the operating system gives you can have the connections restored. To perform this operation you simply have to follow the following steps: Go to the settings. Scroll down to the ‘General’ section. At the end of this screen you will find ‘Reset’ where you need to enter. Tap on the ‘Reset network settings’ option.

The only problem you’ll encounter is that once the networks are reset, it will also affect the WiFi. That is why all the internet networks that you have stored on the iPhone will be lost as well as all the passwords. Obviously all devices stored in Bluetooth will be forgotten by the device as well as the VPN settings. In return it is quite likely that in the end the bluetooth will work correctly on your computer. Format iPhone

In the event that none of these options that we have given do not work correctly for you, you must choose to format the device. This way you will delete the software and install it from scratch making sure that you are not with an operating system bug that can always be on the table. We recommend that during the initial installation you do not restore a backup and make a completely clean installation to avoid at all times that you can have the operating system bug again. Contact technical service

If after having made all the recommendations of possible solutions to this problem, your iPhone continues with the problems related to the Bluetooth connection, what we recommend is that you contact Apple so that they are the ones who provide you with the most appropriate solution and thus be able to solve the problems that your device is presenting. To get in touch with Apple there are several ways, the first of them through the customer service phone 900 812 703, the second is through the well-known Apple Support app where through any iOS or iPadOS device you can report in detail the problems you are suffering with any device. Finally, you can also do this through the Apple Support website which works similarly to the Apple Support app.

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