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September 17, 2015 Techno

The Secret Tricks of the Windows Keys on Your Laptop Keyboard. How old are you to know your personal computer or laptop? How worn also your fingers have been dancing on the keyboard of a laptop, typing creates kuliha tasks, work tasks, making writing or articles or just to browse on the internet. It turns out that based on the number of keyboard keys on your laptop or personal computer was stored secret or tricks that have actually been formed to facilitate your work on writing. Uh I mean typing… Hihihi…… This time I will try to share some mystery tricks windows keys on the keyboard. Because I call Windows, then this trick is only for Windows OS users, whether it’s Windows 7 or Windows 8, it’s the same.

Some of these tricks I collect also from the results of traveling around on the internet and also based on my typing experience so far. Some of these tricks I condense will be very helpful to you, especially when going to the gap playing games on a computer workplace.. hehehe… Windows Keyboard Secret TricksWhen you will start working, the first thing to do is of course you will open your “computer” to search for documents. The trick is please press the windows +E button, & You will directly enter the PC Manager.Kebelet wants to go to the toilet, or suddenly called boss to his room immediately and you do not have time to close the implementation-application that opens on your laptop screen. Please press the button using the windows icon and the L button. The screen will be locked using its own. Simple isn’t it.The most fun activity when being calm at work of course uses playing games on a laptop instead of ….. hahahaha… But of course you must always be vigilant when there is a Boss suddenly comes. Don’t panic just press the Windows icon button and the D. Yes button, your laptop screen will instantly change as a desktop display. Amaaan…. 😉This is another simple trick-trcik, if you want to bring up the Start screen, please press the Ctrl & Esc key, the Start screen will be there to make it easier for you.Are you lazy to type on the keyboard, and just want to use your mouse? Here’s the trick please press the windows icon button and the R button, then enter “osk” on the screen that arises.. Well the Virtual keyboard key will appear on the screen, suitable for those of you who are lazy … hahaha…The writing on your laptop screen is too mini but you are lazy to change the settings, do not worry, just press the Windows icon button & the “+” or “-“, magnifier or magnifying glass will appear to be used as you need.If you are online, you use to open a lot of windows screens in your browser and then want to switch to another page. Please press the Ctrl key and tab key, using this trick you can browse the page in the browser that is being opened.Conversely, if you feel too poly windows browser is opened and want to close it, please press the Windows key and w button, the page that is being opened will be immediately closed.To close windows or pages that are being opened can also use press alt & space and c keys simultaneously.Want to record your voice on a laptop, can really, just press the windows icon button and R key, then type “psr.exe” then you can exclusively start recording, but of course your laptop / computer must be equipped with a microphone yes.Well if this last trick is useless, but will make your laptop screen look cool. Press the windows icon key & tab button and your screen will change as 3D.

So little Secret Tricks Windows Keys On Laptop Keyboard to be known. Please try and hope this information is useful for you. Check out a little pearl based on me about two sides in one story here.

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