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In this article we will teach you how to solve an error when logging into my Google account on Android phone step by step so you can do it yourself and get to log in to your device without major difficulty.

Many could have happened between inconvenience at some point when changing mobile device or perhaps when we try to log in to another account different from the usual but to solve it we must follow a series of simple steps to be able to log in without problems within Android, sometimes it also happens when we have errors within the Play Store.

Error Signing in to my Google Account on Android Phone – SolutionHow to know when we have a sign-in problem on Android?

On the screen of our device appears a sign when trying to log in that will tell us: “Error logging in – An error occurred while communicating with Google’s servers. Please try again later”

This is a common mistake in Android on certain occasions where it does not let us enter our account but the solution is not a formatting or a restart of the mobile, it is much simpler, stay and read this complete article to learn how to solve this easy and fast problem.

How to fix error when signing in to Google with Android?To fix it soon they will need to enter the browser inside their Android device.We will search in the search bar on the Google page, “Google Play Services 11.0.56”.When looking for it we will see that we get the option to download it through the Play Store but we can not, so we must look for a reliable server to download it.We will download it on the mobile device and install, to do so we must enter the menu of our mobile and the Downloads folder.There we will find the file that we must execute, in doing so it will ask us for a permission to run the unknown application on Android and we must go to Settings to ask that the applications from unknown sources be accepted.When this modification is listed in our system, we return to the window ofDownloads and then we try again to run the file we download and install it without major problem.They will return to the main menu of their mobile and click on the option “Google Settings” that will open a new configuration window, if it opens normally then the file they downloaded and installed worked and let us use the Android system without problems.We will go to the Play Store platform to try again to log in to the Google account.We will click on the “Use account” option and from there it will ask us for the email and password of the Google account that they need to log in inside the mobile, place both data and give “Next”.They accept the conditions to log in and then you should be able to log in normally, you will have to wait a few seconds for your account to impact the mobile device.When it starts it will ask us for the normal permissions, on the backup and news that Google sends you to your email that this you can tick or distill it in case you do not want to receive more notifications.It will ask us for one last permission to use the Play Store and upload your data, applications used with that account and ready the problem has been solved when logging in.

This is the most common way to solve the problem when logging into the Google Play account on an Android device, we hope that your problem does not persist and has been solved with these steps, if you want more guides on how to solve errors and common Android problems on your mobile device you can stay in and find out how to do it for free and with 100% explanatory articles.

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