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Do you have a desktop computer that fails a component?, is your laptop starting to go too slow? You should know that maintenance is a process as common as necessary in computers, as well as that, in order to have the best results, you need the best professionals.

The best computer repair services are just a couple of clicks away. It does not matter what equipment you have, or its age, or the problem it suffers. Our experts fix absolutely everything so that you can continue to get the most out of it, with the guarantee that we will always be able to fix the breakdown.

We recondition your laptop or desktop computer. You are not willing to buy another team but yours is in bad stock even so you can still endure with one more year. We can help you improve your performance and appearance.

Our services:

We recondition your PC – Desktop or Laptop

We improve the performance of your equipment.

Repair/replacement motherboard, DC jack power connector, power supply etc.


Repair/replacement of mechanical parts (visagras, fans, heatsinks)

Changing portable screens

Formatting & Installation S.O.

Physical Cleanliness

Cleaning of viruses, spyware, malware, Trojans.

Recovery of data damaged hard drives

Backing up

Changes of screens in mobile phones and tablets

Cleaning cooling system and thermal paste change

Home repair: we can travel to your home and solve your incidents with the pc. Service available upon request and postal code verification.

Remote attention: so that the settings of networks, wifi, printers are solved immediately.

Our most demanded services


Motherboard, power supply etc.

Formatting and installation

We leave your operating system fast and reactive, just as you want it.

Cleaning S.O.

We remove for you: viruses, spyware, malware, trojans.

Data & Hard Drives

Recovery of data from damaged hard drives.

Back-up Service

Making backups.

Computer Care Services

Cleaning cooling system and thermal paste change

Remote attention without displacement

For settings on your network, wifi, drivers etc. Quick and easy.

On-site repair service

Exclusive repair service in your home.

Express Repair

For the most urgent cases

Home Computer Repair

If you can’t get the equipment out of your house, or you just prefer to have your computer repaired in your own home, you don’t have to worry. It is more than a good idea to know a good team that has the capacity to repair computers at home, always with the best components, tools and techniques to repair any breakdown or solve any failure.

Experts able to move wherever it is needed to keep your computer running like the first day. If you need to completely reinstall the operating system with the drivers of all the components, if it is necessary to clean the entire equipment inside and thoroughly, change the thermal paste of the processor or even modify any of its internal components, they do it.

It is essential to have good professionals in this field, especially to know which ones are able to offer the best services as soon as possible. When there is an urgency, above all, it is when the qualities of those teams specialized in urgent work come to light the most.

But it is also true that, in this computer science, there are processes that require their time and that, no matter how much they are carried out by professionals who completely master the subject, require a mandatory wait. Hardware can be treated more quickly and without losing efficiency, but when an on-site repair service involves dealing with software, it is common to have to wait longer.

Installations, uninstallations, version changes, file modifications… All that can be a real hassle, however, when you have a team of professional repairers by your side, it ceases to be. They make the difficult easy, whatever computer repair work they have to do. Not surprisingly, that is precisely his specialty.

Laptop repair

We know the importance of your laptop as well as how difficult it is to find solutions to hardware or software problems, but you do not have to worry anymore, we have the technical assistance you need, safe and economical.

The failures that are usually constant in laptops is the lack of performance as well as power problems and battery life.

You do not have to suffer these failures, our repair team will ensure that you have a fast, safe equipment again and you can enjoy the autonomy of a laptop in excellent condition.

Is your screen broken, turned off, or suddenly darkening? We have a technical team that specializes in screens, which will offer you the appropriate solution taking into account if you must make a change of screen or it is software Tell us the failure of your screen that we solve it!

Do you want to solve your connection problems as soon as possible? Contact us through one of our lines, explain to our advisors about your problem and you will receive technical assistance from our remote technical team.

If you are from Madrid, or you can go to our warehouses, here you have our address and contact telephone number:

Iberica Infocomputer S.L.

AVD of Los Rosales N42, Nave 211

28021 Villaverde Bajo, Madrid

For more information, on how to get there, schedule modifications etc. we recommend visiting our contact page.

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