Common iPhone XR Issues and Their Solutions

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If you’re a proud owner of the iPhone XR, chances are you’re already dealing with huge issues; whether it is related to device connectivity or performance. Although the company is working on a new version of iOS 12, no one is sure if the fixes will come soon. As the owner of this device, you can always solve the problems on your own and try the quick solutions. Fortunately, most of the common iPhone XR issues on this device can be fixed without an update. This guide can guide you through a number of fixes so you can better understand how to deal with them. Common iPhone XR Issues and Ways to Fix ThemProblem 1: Facial ID Issues

If the iPhone XR doesn’t register your face when you try to scan it in a room, make sure the room is well lit. Perhaps, you can try to bring the device or the level of your face closer to solve the problem quickly. However, the problem may be a little more difficult than usual and a quick fix may not fix it. Here’s what you can do with Face ID issues.Often, users face problems with the Face ID after completing the setup. If you are one of those victims and find it difficult to unlock the device through Face ID, you should look at the screen actively. For Face ID to work properly, you need to pay due attention to the device.Face ID learns to recognize your face when you sign up and acclimatizes with it, so it may not work properly if you constantly change your appearance.

If the solutions don’t fix the Face ID issue, you can contact Apple’s support center as there may be issues with the device’s hardware.

Problem 2: Bluetooth issues

Several users face problems when connecting iPhone XR to other Bluetooth devices and if you are one of them, here is what you can do to solve them.You can visit the Device Settings at the beginning and then Pistol Grip Bluetooth.You have to choose the connectivity issues that use “i” in the circleTap on Forget this deviceFinally, you can try reconnecting your Bluetooth device to see if it works.

If you still fail to connect the device with the other Bluetooth devices, you can try the following.Visit the Child Tax Credit Advance Payments page in XNUMX Settings and General menu, tap Reset Settings.Tap on Restart network settings which might not allow the device to connect to Wi-Fi networks, so you should have the password ready to log in to the network again.Finally, try reconnecting the device with Wi-Fi to check if the problems still exist.

You can also try resetting the device to factory failures, for which you have to follow these steps.Go to Settings and for GeneralTap on the Reset Settings button and tap on Reset All Settings

Problem 3: Device slowdown

On most occasions, you may want the iPhone XR to continue to function normally by pressing the side or home button. Although the phone kicks in with a good start when you press these buttons, this device works like a small-sized computer and you should know that even the best computers can slow down at times. You may not want to turn off the iPhone for a long time or restart and reset it. However, there are steps you need to follow to check the speed of the device. Solution 1: Shut down and restart the devicePress and hold the on/off button on the right side or top for a few seconds.Swipe the slider to the right to turn off the device.Click and release the volume up and volume down button quicklyPress the Side button again to restart the device.Solution 2: Restart and reset the device

It is essential to understand the combination of buttons that will be used to handle emergency situations on the device. However, it also implies that you may need to move to another complicated set of buttons to restart the device. This is how you can restart the iPhone XR.Click and release the volume up and volume down.Press and hold the SideYou have to keep holding down the Side button even after the appearance of the Close window on the screen.Problem 4: Restore iCloud on iPhone XR

If you are stuck with the device while updating iCloud settings, you need to perform a hard reset. However, first, you need to force restart the device, before opting for a hard reset. Follow these steps:Press the Volume Up button and Volume Down button and release it.Press and hold the Side until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

When you successfully follow the steps mentioned above, the device needs to be restarted. Once the energy returns, you may want to try again. Due to the issues you may face while restoring iCloud, the device can create a local backup on the computer and restore the backup to the new iPhone XR. If by any chance you can’t back up your device data properly, you can look for help from the Apple Store. The company has also published a troubleshooting guide in case you run into issues during iCloud restore and you can also check them to find the proper solutions.

Issue 5: Upgrading to the latest operating system and other issues

If you want to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system or are facing other issues with the new device, the best thing you can do is reset the phone settings. Here is a list of reset techniques you can follow. Solution 1: Reset settings

If you have spoiled the Settings app or have preferences to return to factory defaults, resetting iPhone is too easy.From the home screen, you need to launch the SettingsTap on General and Reset Settings at the bottom of the device.Tap to find Reset all settings. You may need to enter the passcode to complete the process.Problem 6: Device Network Connection IssuesSolution 1: Reset iPhone XR Network Settings

If there is a problem with the Wi-Fi or if the LTE towers are not working properly, it is possible that the network preferences on the device have seriously failed. If you want to enjoy the network with a fresh start, you should follow the recommended steps.Start the SettingsTap to search for General and Reset SettingsTap on the Restart network settings with the passcode if necessary.Problem 7: Strange Language Display

If device autocorrect shows a language it can’t understand, it’s time to dump the dictionary cache.Launch the Settings appTap on General and Reset SettingsTap on the Reset Keyboard Dictionary, although you may need to re-enter the passcode if necessary.Problem 8: Wi-Fi issues

Many users have problems with the Wi-Fi connection of the device and the rest have problems with slow speed. If the iPhone XR cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network or the speed is extremely slow, be sure to try the following steps to restore the problem. Solution 1: Checking the iOS version and routerIt is necessary to run the latest version of iOS 12, and if it doesn’t fix the problem, you can turn the Wi-Fi connection on and off to see if it solves the problem.If the above step does nothing to check the Wi-Fi issue, you should check the ISP’s router or internet service provider to see if there is an outage. Checking for outages through the ISP’s customer service lines or social media pages can help you spot the problem. Once you confirm that there is no interruption issue in your area, you can try to disconnect the router for a minute.Solution 2: Forget about Wi-Fi

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