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Looking for a good laptop? In this article you will find the best laptops that you can buy at the moment (November 2021), depending on type of use and price.

In order to easily make the right choice, I have further divided the laptops in this article into three categories:Best ultrabooks – Ultrabooks are portable, fast, and have long battery life. The best option for business use.Best laptops in terms of value for money – Are you looking for an all-round laptop that is not the best in terms of performance, but offers the best value for money? Then take a look at my recommendations in this category. The best price-quality ratio can be found between 400 and 600 euros. The best option for the average user and student.Best gaming laptop – Gaming laptops have a good CPU and an extra powerful graphics card to make gaming possible. A disadvantage is the less good battery life and portability. The best option for gamers and to replace a desktop PC.

Below I will discuss the aforementioned best options of the moment per category.

Do you have other requirements, a certain usage application, or a certain budget for your laptop that is not mentioned? Then ask at the bottom of this article for specific advice for your situation!

Recommended products and prices were last updated on November 23, 2021.Best ultrabooks – the two best options (Windows vs Mac)

Among ultrabooks, I list two best options; one ultrabook with Windows, and one with MacOS. So you can choose depending on the operating system you prefer. Best Windows ultrabook: HP Spectre x360 14-ea0747nd

The HP Spectre x360 14-ea0747nd is a very powerful and compact ultrabook, and because of its many beneficial features an all-rounder.

For starters, this is a so-called 2-in-1 laptop. This makes the screen a touchscreen, and completely foldable. So you can also use this laptop as a tablet.

The 14-ea0747nd is the most powerful configuration of this laptop, which despite the very powerful hardware is very lightweight and portable. Furthermore, this laptop has a very good display, and a very long battery life. That’s why this is my pick for the Best Windows Ultrabook of 2021.

This laptop is equipped with an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor (quad core, 2.8-4.7 GHz) with the Iris Xe G7 video chip, 16 GB of RAM, and a 1 TB PCIe SSD.

The PCIe SSD is faster than standard (SATA) SSDs, and ensures that the laptop boots very quickly and will load files faster.

With these specifications, this laptop is suitable for every conceivable business use. For example, this laptop can also handle heavy photo and video editing software. In addition, the powerful hardware saves you time for long-term and demanding tasks such as rendering and compiling.

Another beneficial feature is the screen. This laptop contains an OLED screen, with a 13.5 inch diameter. OLED provides a very good contrast due to the black levels. Another advantage is the high resolution for a screen of this size, namely 3000×2000.

This also makes the image very sharp. This makes it impossible to see pixels between them at a normal viewing distance. Especially with long-term, concentrated work, that is pleasant for the eyes.

With the screen’s 3:2 aspect ratio, you have more vertical workspace, which works more pleasantly than the 16:9 aspect ratio, which is used on most laptops.

With the 13.5 inch screen, this is a compact laptop, which you can therefore easily take with you. The laptop is 29.83 cm wide, 22 cm deep, and 1.7 cm thick. In addition to the compact dimensions, the laptop has a weight of only 1340 grams.

Another beneficial feature for mobile use is the good battery. The battery has a large capacity of 66 Wh, and therefore also a considerably long battery life, namely of about 11 hours. With all these features, this is also a very good option for mobile use.

The body of the laptop is made of brushed aluminum. That looks luxurious, and ensures that the laptop is sturdy and has a good build quality. The laptop also has a QWERTY keyboard with white key illumination.

By supporting Wi-Fi 6, this laptop also supports the latest and fastest version of Wi-Fi. With Bluetooth 5.0, you can also easily use wireless earphones or headphones with this laptop. To connect other devices, this laptop has a USB-A port, and two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports.

This laptop is not only good on paper, but also in practice. The laptop gets a lot of very positive reviews. For example, on the good screen, keyboard, and design of the laptop are mentioned as important advantages. In addition, the laptop receives the ‘Editor’s choice’ award, and also called the best 2-in-1 laptop of the moment.

This laptop is currently the cheapest available on, namely for € 1699. A laptop with the same features, but a different model number is also available on, and currently costs € 1699 there. Both HP Spectre x360 14 laptops laptops have Windows 10 Home installed. Best Apple laptop: MacBook Pro 16 inch with Touch Bar (MVVM2N/A)

The MVVM2N/A is a very powerful configuration of the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro. This laptop contains the Intel Core i9-9880H, an octa-core processor (eight processor cores) with a clock speed of 2.3 to max 4.8 GHz.

In addition, this MacBook Pro has 16 GB of RAM, and the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M; a dedicated video chip with 4 GB of video memory.

With this, this laptop can handle any productive work imaginable, and is very suitable for photo and video editing. For file storage, this laptop has 1 TB of fast SSD storage.

This MacBook Pro is also equipped with the so-called ‘Touch Bar’, which can further facilitate work.

The Touch Bar is a thin, elongated strip of touchscreen above the keyboard. Here, various additional keys or sliders can be dynamically displayed.

Certain software, including Adobe Photoshop, has built in additional functionality for the Touch Bar. For example, you can select colors within Photoshop with the Touch Bar, or scroll through the editing history.

Since the MacBook Pro has a strong focus on photo and video editing, the 16-inch version is a better choice than the 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro. A larger screen simply works better when editing photos and video. The 16 inch screen of this laptop has a resolution of 3027×1920 pixels.

You can read an extensive review and test of this laptop on The test shows, among other things, that the laptop has a battery life of 10:55 hours when browsing web over Wi-Fi. This laptop also receives the ‘Editor’s choice’ award.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro with touchbar can be ordered on At the time of writing, the laptop is the cheapest on, and available there for 2799 euros.

More about the MacBook Pro, and compare it with other MacBooks? Then check out the article “which MacBook to buy?” Best laptops in terms of value for money: budget up to 400, 500 & 600 euros

Do you have less stringent demands on your laptop? Many laptops for study and daily use are a lot cheaper. The best price-quality ratio can be found with laptops between 400 and 600 euros.

Therefore, below is a selection of the best laptops that are currently available with a price under 600, 500, and 400 euros. Best laptop under 600 euros: HP 15s-eq2518nd – very good price/quality!

With a budget of up to 600 euros, the HP 15s-eq2518nd is by far the best choice at the moment. Despite the fact that this laptop fits well into the budget up to 600 euros, with this laptop you simply get the best possible performance that you can currently find for less than € 600.

For example, this HP laptop contains the very fast AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor. This is a hexa-core processor (six cores) with a maximum clock speed of 4.0 GHz. The performance of this processor is about 30% better than the Intel Core i5-1135G7, the most used processor among laptops of this budget.

For graphics performance, the integrated Radeon RX Vega 7 video chip is used. The laptop also contains 16 GB of RAM memory! That’s twice as many as most laptops at this price. It also makes this laptop better suited for running heavier software, such as video editing software.

Also, this laptop will always be fast in daily use. Think of web browsing with many tabs at the same time, word processing, and playing audio and video. This laptop can also handle heavy software, such as photo or video editing programs. Only for most games this laptop is not suitable; for that, a laptop needs a better video card.

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