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The problem does not have to do with a virus or a software malfunction, but with the phone’s own hardware that, in the worst case, no longer allows these models to be turned on.

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Chrome – The Observer. It had already happened and is repeated, this time with the penultimate models of Apple’s star smartphones, launched in 2016 and still sold for costs ranging from US $ 700 to US $ 1,000, depending on the market.

The problem does not have to do with a virus or a software malfunction, but with the phone’s own hardware that, in the worst case, no longer allows these models to be turned on. It usually manifests itself initially when you see the Speaker icon in gray (when making a call) or when you use the hands-free function to talk on the phone. Then the cell phones begin to turn off or lock intermittently. Finally, when you try to turn on the iPhone it is frozen indefinitely and the only thing you see is the Apple logo.

The malfunction is generated in a fundamental piece such as the motherboard; in fact what happens is that a chip dedicated to audio begins to detach and that then leads to the problems described. To repair it you have to have specific skills and it can not be done anywhere; it requires a microscope and you have to weld a piece with iron.

As reported by the motherboard site, Apple is already aware of the problem. “We are reviewing a small number of reports affecting the microphones of the iPhone 7; if the customer has questions about their device they can consult AppleCare,” a spokesperson for the brand told the website.

It’s not yet known if Apple will take more targeted action, especially for cases where the warranty has already expired. In theory, the company has no obligation to fix the problem or replace the cell phone (in case it cannot be repaired).

Moreover, this is not the first time that problems have been reported with iPhone 7 Plus; in 2016 Apple had to replace some units that had been sold with malfunctioning cameras. Also that year the so-called “touch problem” was reported that affected thousands of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Contrary to what the company’s spokesperson stated, Motherboard reports on hundreds of iPhone repairers who have received devices with this problem. Jessa Jones, founder of iPad Rehab (a company located in New York that repairs Apple products and trains technicians) considered that it is already an epidemic and that cases have been seen for six months. “All 7 are already bequeathing at the age at which it is out of warranty but are still new enough to be worth repairing,” he told Motherboard.

To repair one of these cell phones affected by the “loop” you have to remove the audio chip and solder a small segment of wire underneath to restore the connection. The cost, in the United States or England, ranges from US$ 100 to US$ 150.

The debate continues, after the apple company was accused of deliberately causing what is called “planned obsolescence”, an alleged practice by which the manufacturer indirectly forces users to buy a new device (especially when a new version is released) because it slows down or affects the operation. In the case of Apple, at the end of 2017 it was confirmed that the iOS update worsened performance if it detected that the battery was not in optimal condition.

The company apologized for the matter and cut the price of replacement batteries from $79 to $29 for owners of an iPhone 6 or later model. It also released an update on its operating system that reveals the health of the phone’s battery.

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