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The new version of iOS is released regularly in September. In addition to numerous bug fixes, new functions will also be unlocked. But not everything always works smoothly. If you have to deal with problems and annoying errors on your iPhone, our problem solver for the most common iPhone problems will help you.

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Apple iOS: Which iOS update is the latest for your device?

The current version is iOS 13, an overview of the new features of the new version can be found in our overview of the new features in iOS 13. You can see which version of your iPhone is supported in our iOS update schedule.

In our experience, there are problems with the iPhone, especially after the rollout of new iOS versions. In addition, some iPhones show signs of old age or individual functions and apps are affecting it. Below we show you solutions for well-known teething troubles that can occur on the iPhone. These solutions usually apply to all iPhone models and all iOS versions. Some of these errors have already been fixed by later iOS updates, others are perennial favorites.Weaker battery performance on iOS

Under certain circumstances, it can come in the course of an update to the new iOS version to noticeably shortened battery life. This problem can also occur by activating various functions and apps. Serious problems

Since the update to iOS 11, the iPhone is causing serious problems: app crashes, freezing screens, drops in performance, charging no longer works and more malfunctions are the order of the day.

If you are struggling with mentioned or similar problems, you should first consider the option to reset the settings of the iPhone. You can access the option via the path: “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Reset all settings”. If the procedure described does not lead to any improvement, select the option “Delete all content and settings”.

Restores the saved content and settings with an iOS backup as part of the new setup. Optionally, you do without this step, as even faulty files can be transferred to the iPhone with a backup. So you start in this case with a newly set up iPhone. How you can reset your iPhone to factory settings, we show in detail in a separate tutorial.System performance leaves much to be desired

Since the update to iOS, noticeable losses in system performance have been observed. Apps start significantly delayed, menus take much longer to load.

A problem that primarily users of older iOS devices are likely to have to struggle with. If the speed of your iPhone has decreased significantly, you will find tips for a smooth running System.App Store and updates slowly in our tutorial on how to speed up your iPhone.

App updates are sometimes downloaded very slowly. The download of new applications may also take too much time.Freezing displays, no touch input possible

Since the iOS update, the display of various users is causing problems. Input via touchscreen is always not possible.

To fix the problem of freezing iPhone and iPad displays, it is recommended to reset your device. You can find all the necessary steps in our reset guide for iDevices.Problems with Wi-Fi or cellular

After updating to iOS 11, there are problems with connecting to the mobile data network or Wi-Fi networks.iPhone does not take beautiful photos

In our votes on the camera quality of the iPhone, there are often reports that the iPhone does not take good photos. This does not necessarily have to be due to the iPhone… Problems with Apple AirPods (Pro)

Even if the AirPods and AirPods Pro have initially provided more amusement than enthusiasm in many places, they are still successful headphones. But here, too, problems were reported – among other things with the pairing process.Fast consumption of mobile phone data

Due to the WLAN assistant introduced in iOS 9, there is a noticeably faster consumption of mobile data. The new “WLAN Assist” ensures an automatic switch to the mobile network for weak WLAN connections. This is activated by default and can lead to unnoticed and unwanted data being retrieved via the mobile network. Slow app launches

There are delays when starting some apps: In these cases, the screen remains black for about three seconds until the corresponding program is ready for use. Problems with Bluetooth connections

Bluetooth is often the focus when it comes to problems with new operating system versions. Connections are no longer possible or break off abruptly.

It is difficult to say exactly where to look for the causes of faulty Bluetooth functionality. In our corresponding guide, we give you in any case some basic tips with which you can get Bluetooth problems under control.iPhone in the crash loop

iOS 11.1 contains a curious bug that has caused regular crashes on numerous iPhones since December 2 at 12:15 a.m. The background is reminders that are sent by third-party apps.

Apple has solved the mentioned problem with the update to version iOS 11.2. If you are currently unable to install the update, you must manually revoke the notification permission of the apps. This can be done via the path “Settings” > “Messages”. Select the respective apps here and then set the slider under “Allow message” to gray. Frequent connection interruptions during mobile communications

Some iPhone users have the problem with disconnections while making calls – even when the cellular network is fully available.

Apple has responded to such problems and has now released a corresponding bugfix update for the available device generation. If there are problems even after an update to the latest iOS version, a reset of the network connections can also help here. Problems with AirDrop

AirDrop is Apple’s WiFi ad hoc service that allows you to transfer files between iOS devices and Mac computers wirelessly. Unfortunately, there are always problems with the detection of devices among each other.How do I reach the one-handed mode?

Actually an iOS-specific “problem”, but since Apple’s latest iPhone does not have a home button, things are a little different with the iPhone X here.

Also with the iPhone X, the screen content can be brought from the top edge to the bottom to be able to operate apps more conveniently with one hand. You activate the one-handed mode by swiping down with your finger at the bottom of the screen. These and other important iPhone X gestures can be found in this overview. Phone number is not transmitted

Under iOS 11, the following problem occurs more frequently: Every now and then and not reproducibly, the caller’s phone number is not transmitted and appears as “Anonymous” on the display of the called person. The temporary deactivation and activation of the number transmission does not bring any improvement.

Apple itself recommends resetting the network settings (Attention: Wi-Fi passwords are deleted), but this has not helped us. Some users report that the following workaround leads to success: In front of the dialed phone number you put “*31#”, as a permanent solution this is of course not suitable. Also, disabling VoLTE or WI-Fi call is said to have eliminated the problem for some users. Problems with Lightning cables

Again and again, there can be problems with Lightning cables as part of iOS updates, this also applies to cables with MFi certification.

In principle, the use of original cables from Apple or with MFi certification is recommended. If there are also connection problems or difficulties with charging with these versions, multiple plugging in and unplugging of the cable can help. If this does not contribute to the improvement, please contact the Apple support, which you can reach by phone at the number 0800 6645451. Voicemail Error

Visual voice mail causes problems – especially with older messages, the error “Failed to back up voice mail” occurs. Try again later”. Problems with Night Shift

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