8 Tricks to Kece Laptop Keyboard To Make Your Browsing Easier and Faster

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If you are one of the people who often use the internet and laptop while working, then tips and tricks based on IDN Times this time may be very useful. You see, this time we will put some tricks to use a laptop keyboard that can make surfing activities in cyberspace easier and faster.

Curious? Just look at the tips and tricks we give below. Move cursor when typing site address in search column

So, when you are wrong for example writing an alphabet on the address of the site you want to go to in the search field then there is no need to bother deleting everything. You just need to press the Shift + Arrows key aka arrow in the wrong or missed word simultaneously and automatically the cursor will point to the wronged word typing it.

So it’s easy if you want to type or fix an error sentence! Sentence block alias text

Suppose you receive a sentence alias text that fits using the criteria you are looking for and want to copy it in your text document, then you can use this trick he. How, sentence blocks use laptop keyboard donations that use Shift + Home simultaneously to block text in rows from the left of the cursor or Shift + End to block text in rows based on the right of the cursor. Typo a sentence in the Search column

Well, if you mistakenly type a sentence or text in the Search field then you can use this one trick so that you do not have to bother deleting them one by one. The trick, press the CTRL +Delete key on the laptop keyboard simultaneously to delete the wrong text of the completion of the cursor that you have already typed in the Search column.

If the sentence is error before the cursor, then you can press the CTRL +Backspace key on the keyboard simultaneously. Easy, right? 4. Open a new tab in the browser

Instead of difficult clicking using the right mouse need a new Tab in the browser, there is no harm in you using our tricks here is. So, just press the CTRL+T key at the same time and automatically a new Tab will appear on your browser (no matter what browser you use)!

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If you need to write a new site address in the Search field just use the following tricks in our opinion. No need to use a mouse or touchpad, just press the CTRL +L key simultaneously & automatically you will be directly directed to the Search column. If you accidentally close the tab, just return it using this method.

Well, if you accidentally close the Tab that you opened then you can use this method to return it home. Just press the CTRL+Shift+T key simultaneously and automatically the previously closed tab will go home again. Switch by browser to text document using quickly

Fitting again work generally you need a quick way to switch according to one document to another or just switch from browser to document. Instead of bothering to use a mouse or touchpad, cool using the keyboard trick here is just the time to switch from the browser to a text document.

Press the Alt+Tab key simultaneously and you can automatically switch by browser to document or vice versa quickly. Close and open the browser

If you want to close or open the browser faster, you can directly use this keyboard shortcut. Just press the Windows Key +D or M keys simultaneously then automatically the Windows browser will minimize & open automatically.

How about, is it easy for the above tricks? Immediately practice it so that you are easier & fast if you want to move with the internet on a laptop!

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