7 problems of Android 11 on Samsung phones and their solution

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Is your Samsung mobile having problems after upgrading to Android 11? You are not the only one, Android 11 updates have brought a lot of drawbacks to Samsung phones.

Some problems have already been corrected, and others seem to have been permanently left on the mobile. You may not be able to fix some bugs until an update is released that fixes these bugs, but you can try some workarounds.

To do this, we gather the most popular Android 11 issues reported by Samsung users, as well as some possible solutions. Spotify crashes on Android 11

Has it happened to you that Spotify crashes since Android 11 update? Or that it stops working when you leave the app?

There is no definitive solution to this problem, but some users have temporarily fixed it by performing a series of actions. On the one hand, deleting the data and cache of the Spotify app. To do this, go to Settings >> Apps >> Spotify >> Storage.

Once you’re in that section, choose Clear Data and Cache. Keep in mind that when you perform this action, all Spotify settings on your device will be deleted, and you will have to log in again. And beware if you have downloads to listen offline, as you may lose them.

Another option that seems to work for some users is to turn on “Device Broadcast Status” which is located within the settings of the Spotify app, as you see in the second image. WiFi not working on Android 11

Has the Wifi on your Samsung mobile stopped working after the Android 11 update? Well, I have bad news, you will have to delete all the configuration of the Wifi saved on your mobile and configure them from scratch.

Yes, a tedious process if you already have several WiFi networks saved, but it seems like the only way to get it working smoothly again.  To do this, go to Settings >> WiFi connections >>. Now open the menu of the three dots and choose Advanced” >> Manage networks and select all WiFi to remove them. Excessive battery consumption with Android 11

Is your Samsung’s battery consumed much faster than normal? If it happened to you, surely you have looked at the settings and activity of the apps to detect some anomaly, but you have not found the problem.

Excessive battery consumption is one of the biggest problems presented by Android 11 on Samsung. Some users have noticed that this is fixed after a few days of the update, but on other devices, the problem persists.

There is no definitive solution to the battery problem until Google releases an update, but you can minimize consumption by applying a series of changes to the configuration of the mobile. For example, you can turn on Power Saver Mode or Adaptive Battery, or apply some of the tricks we suggest in the following article. Screen flickering and lag in videos running Android 11

This is one of the most annoying problems that users have reported after upgrading to Android 11 and that can make your hair stand on end. The good news is that it is not a problem of the mobile screen, but it is about the software.

As you may have noticed, it happens when you use an app in full screen or view videos, for example, videos and Instagram stories. How is it solved? This issue should have been fixed with one of the latest updates, but if you still have this lag or blink, you can try some options so that it doesn’t become a headache.

For example, some users have temporarily fixed it by disabling adaptive brightness. An option that you will find in Settings >> Screen. And on the other hand, in the Colors or Screen Mode section, choose the “Natural” option. WhatsApp notifications take time or don’t arrive on Android 11

This does not seem to be a problem exclusively for Android 11, and it may have different solutions depending on the configuration of the mobile.

The first thing you have to review is the Notifications settings from the WhatsApp app. So open the app, go to Settings >> Notifications.  In this section, you’ll find notification settings for messages, groups, and calls.

And on the other hand, take a look at the notification settings from the settings of your Samsung mobile. To do this, go to Settings >> Apps >> WhatsApp >> Notifications.

And if you want to make sure it’s not any app issues, clear the data and cache. But keep in mind that you will have to set up WhatsApp from scratch. Caller ID not appearing on Android 11

This is a problem that appears from time to time with major Android updates. If you are still dealing with this problem on your Samsung mobile, you can apply some temporary solutions that have worked for some users.

One of the first options you have to check is that “Show info. of caller” is active. You’ll find this option in Settings >> Other Call Settings. And if the problem is that it doesn’t show you the name of your contacts when you call, then try disabling the “Caller ID and Antispam” option, which you’ll find in Call Settings.

This is one of the most used functions, since it prevents unknown numbers from becoming a nuisance, but for some reason it creates conflict by preventing it from not identifying the number of contacts. Camera not working on Android 11

Does the camera take time to react on your Samsung mobile? Does it crash when you record video? Doesn’t it show you the thumbnail of the photographs? These and many other drawbacks have been noticed by Samsung users after upgrading to Android 11.

If it hasn’t been fixed with any updates, then try resetting the Camera app on your Samsung mobile. To do this, go to App Settings and choose Reset Settings. This will erase any changes you’ve made to the app and return to the Default Settings.

And if you want to make sure you remove any problems or conflicts, then directly Clear the data and cache from the Mobile Settings. Go to Settings >> Apps >> Camera >> Storage. And a last detail to keep in mind is to remove other camera apps, or that use the camera as a main part of their operation.

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