7 Problems of Android 10 on Samsung Phones and Their Solution

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The Android 10 update has not turned out to be all successful that it promised to be on Samsung phones. Some A-series phones, such as the Galaxy A40, A50, A51, A70 or A71 have several issues that affect different parts of the system. Other phones of the company, such as the Galaxy S10, S10e or S10 Plus have reported as many operating problems, problems that in most cases have easy solution. On this occasion we have compiled several of these problems to solve them through various methods proposed by Samsung through the community forums. Android Auto not working on my Samsung mobile

The update to Android 10 has completely removed the Android Auto app from Android. Now it is integrated directly into the system and is activated once we have connected the phone to the car by means of a USB cable. If the connection is not made correctly, we can resort to the Android Auto application for mobile screens, an application that we can download from this link.

In case the connection problem persists we can try the following:Completely unlink the phone from the car.Clear the cache of the Car’s App Connect app.Completely uninstall Android Auto from the mobile phone.Completely uninstall the CarMode app from Your Samsung smartphone. You can find it in Settings/Applications/Turn off the Car-To-Phone Data Exchange option from the Car Settings menu. The location of this setting may vary depending on the model.Reinstall Android Auto through the Google store.

If none of these methods have taken effect, we will have to wait for Samsung to release an update for our phone, since recently various errors have been reported with Android Auto.No I can activate the new gestures of Android 10 on my Samsung mobile

It is not a problem to use, but a limitation of Android 10. Apparently, the latest version is not compatible with third-party launchers, such as Nova Launcher or Poco Launcher. For this reason we will have to resort yes or yes to the Launcher of One UI. Once active, Android will allow us to activate the gestures in full screen through Settings / Screen / Navigation bar. The battery percentage does not correspond to the actual percentage

Dozens of users have reported that after upgrading to Android 10 the phone shuts down when the battery percentage has not yet reached 1% or 0%. The only solution to this problem is to recalibrate the battery. The process to follow is as follows:Discharge the battery of the mobile until it turns off.With the mobile turned off, charge the battery to 100% without accessing the system.Once 100% battery is reached, wait a couple of hours without unplugging the phone from the power.

After performing this process the battery should have been calibrated correctly. Otherwise we can repeat this procedure as many times as necessary. The keyboard of my Samsung mobile gives problems: it closes, it locks …

Samsung’s latest update seems to present problems with the native keyboard and with some third-party keyboards, such as Google’s Gboard or Swiftkey. It is advisable in this case to delete the data of the application in question through Settings / Applications.

Within this menu we will go to the Storage section and click on the options of Clear cache and Clear data. If the problem persists, we will have to reinstall the application completely. NFC doesn’t work: it doesn’t read tags, it doesn’t activate…

Although this problem seems not to have been solved in certain Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy M20 or the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, the solution that some users have reported is to force the stop of the process that controls the aforementioned connection. We can do this through Settings/Applications. Then we will click on the three points of the top menu and select the option of Show system applications.

Now we will only have to look for the NFC application to force its detection through the homonymous option. It is also recommended to force stop Samsung Pay and Google Pay or any other service that relies on NFC. WiFi failure after updating: it cuts, does not connect, does not detect network…

Various failures related to WiFi have been reported by different users. The solution to these problems is to restore wireless connections through Settings/General Management/Reset. Within this menu we will click on the option of Reset network settings. Then all settings will be deleted, both stored WiFi networks and passwords. Any issues related to the WiFi connection should have been fixed. Bluetooth is not working properly

Another network problem similar to the previous one. In this case it is recommended to follow the same process to reset all network settings. If this process does not solve the Bluetooth problems, we will have to make sure that the function related to the optimization of battery usage does not affect the aforementioned connection. We can check it in Settings/Applications.

Then we will click on the three points of the top bar and select the Special Access option. Then we will go to the option of Optimize battery usage. Finally we will check that the Bluetooth, Bluetooth MIDI Service and BluetoothTest services are marked.

If the previous solution still does not work we can resort to a third-party application to manage Bluetooth connections independently. Bluetooth Pair is the best application we have been able to find for this purpose. And if none of the above works…

Resetting the phone completely may be the best solution. In Settings/General Administration/Reset we can find the option to format our phone. Any software errors will be fixed, unless the error comes from a faulty component. In this case we will have to contact Samsung directly.

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