5 Problems That iPhone 12 Are Suffering From According to Users

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The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were introduced last October. Additionally, Apple introduced two devices that would be responsible for completing the company’s high-end, the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Among the most outstanding features of these new models we find the arrival of the OLED panel to the normal version, the incorporation of the LiDAR sensor in the Pro version and the new processor designed by the brand, the A14 Bionic.

Despite apple’s good intentions to provide, once again, its devices with state-of-the-art technology, these new iPhones are not without controversy. Apparently, some users are starting to report problems that are causing them discomfort when using their devices. Here are five of the most prominent flaws in the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.La touch response does not work on the lock screen of the iPhone 12

Some users report that Apple’s new phones don’t respond to touch when they’re on the lock screen. It is impossible, therefore, to open the flashlight, the camera or control the playback of the music. According to users of the Macrumors community, this failure is due to the use of the case and screen protector. And there are many who complain about this problem.

In the same thread, it is indicated that the problem was fixed with the iOS 14.2.1 update. If this is confirmed, we are actually facing a software problem and not a hardware problem. If you are suffering from this error, try updating your device to the latest version of the operating system. iPhone 12 has a sudden signal loss when using LTE or 5G

The iPhone 12 presents a connection error when it tries to access LTE and 5G networks. More than 500 users warn that their terminals suddenly lose connectivity randomly and, above all, when they are driving. Also, some have received the notice that their iPhone is not activated. For them, it has been necessary to activate and deactivate the airplane mode to recover the connection.

Problems with carriers are ruled out because many are using the same SIM card as in their previous iPhone. However, users of the Verizon and AT&T companies are the ones who are suffering the most failures of this type. Some MagSafe-compatible housings come without speaker holes

The iPhone 12 came with MagSafe technology, a magnetic system that allows you to charge the device and use various accessories easily. The first official covers compatible with this system are already reaching those purchased. However, in specific cases, they have arrived without the necessary holes for the speakers and microphone of the device to work properly.

As seen in the photograph, the cases that Apple has sent to many of its customers only have the hole to connect the power cable. On both sides of it, the rest of the specific perforations should be found so that the sound circulates freely. But the reality is that they simply don’t exist. iPhone 12’s OLED display features display failures

The arrival of the OLED screen to all Apple models has been great news. We cannot say the same about the greenish dye acquired by certain panels and, of which, several users are complaining. According to the comments made, these problems appear when the screen is below 90% of the brightness. Apparently, Apple is aware of this problem and is working to fix it. iPhone 12 battery drains, even in standby mode

One of the strengths of the iPhone is its long autonomy when in standby mode. However, several people are warning that their batteries drain even when the phone is not active. This casuistry also occurs when you stop using the 5G connection and move to Wifi connectivity. The problem does not seem isolated because, according to 9to5Mac, there are more than 1000 reports about this error.

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