25 Keyboard tricks that facilitate the operation of the computer, important

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Brilio.net – Maybe you are one of those who work using a personal computer every day. Many users feel the use of external keyboards with keyboard shortcuts for windows can help their work efficiently. Keyboard shortcuts are a combination of 2 or more keys that when pressed simultaneously will cause a special reaction in the computer’s personal system or the language is easily a quick key or shortcut opening the implementation event.

The ability to use this quick button makes you look professional. For users using limited vision &motion, keyboard shortcuts are easier to use than touch screens and other ways by using a mouse.

In essence we are able to control the computer without the help of a mouse in the slightest. People who are good at computers also often use this technique. So if you want to look proficient in personal computers, learn and memorize these various keyboard shortcuts. It requires habits and when learning. You can start getting used to it, using a few shortcuts during the week.

Here are some important and often used Windows shortcuts, compiled according to various origins, Wednesday (24/7).


Serves to cancel the previous command.

Works to block holistic text or archives.

Works to copy or copy text as well as archives.

Serves to tap or display the output of text that has been copied / copied before.

Works to crop text (text is blocked first).

Works to move forward through tabs or switch between open items.

7. Ctrl + Alt + Del: Access the Task Manager.

Works to access task manager. Taks Manager is used to check when your computer’s personal is slow or does not respond.

Serves to close the document window, while closing the application.

Works to search for Files and open the Find and Replace (search for terms) menu or dialog box.

10. Ctrl + H: Find & Replace.

Works to open the Find and Replace menu or dialog box.

11. Ctrl + E: Select the search box.

Works to display search navigation.

12. Ctrl + N: Opens a new window.

The diffusion to open a new archive or window depends on whether you are working on a browser or offline.

Works to enlarge and minimize the appearance of archives or folders.

Advanced shortcut keys:

If you don’t want to turn off or make it using sleep mode, the Win + L shortcut is an awesome shortcut. It helps you lock your screen. No one will be able to open except by entering the password set in the computer’s personal.

15. Win + D: Displays the desktop.

It’s actually a quick option. No matter how many poly tabs/vents are open, this shortcut uses quickly minimizing everything and displaying the desktop.

16. Win + Tab + Shift: Switch task view.

Very close to what Alt + Tab does but it’s a further level windows application navigator. When you press it, you’ll see the entire program screen open and the most frequently used events.

Helps perform various tasks such as searching for implementation, taking notes, searching for content or news on the Internet, tracking various records such as meeting schedules & others. Cortana is usually used in Windows 10.

18. Win + Prtscn: Save Screenshots.

Prtscn lets you automatically reach into screenshots without an app.

Just press Win + I & You can open the settings menu for windows.

20. Win + S: Search for Windows.

You may always have an archive or execution that you can’t find on your PC. For this, windows has a search bar.

Depending on the hardware, the F2 button performs a lot of tasks such as, changing the volume up or down, turn off wifi. However, using Fn + F2 you can quickly use the file renaming option when the archive or folder is selected.

Your PC is stuck and the processor can’t run? Refresh is a great old method for running the program again. Pressing Fn + F5 can refresh windows.

Did you know that windows have hidden dishes! Press Win + X and see the pop-up. This will give you access to all crucial areas according to the system.

24. Win + V: Navigation via notifications.

If you’ve configured notifications &warnings in your system, this shortcut will help you easily switch to everything. Very useful for people who are loaded using notifications.

25. Win + Ctrl + B: Open the implementation that displays the notification.

You’re at work and a notification appears that needs your attention. Well relatively use Win + Ctrl + B & explorer will switch to the implementation that sends you notifications.

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