13 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks, Which People Rarely Know

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Many cool features and a variety of interesting features that can satisfy and help your performance in front of a laptop or PC. With the support of the features available on windows 10, PC or laptop updates, it allows you to do everything easily. Below, we will discuss about cool features based on Windows 10 as well as Windows 10 tips and tricks. Then what are the features and & how to use it on Windows 10, here he 😀 afaf of Tips and Tricks in Windows 10

Windows 10 introduces the new star button, the way is also new, according to Windows, it will be easier for the customer or user to understand when applying windows 10.

How to create a start menu according to windows 10 is relatively simple.

First, you can right-click the empty area on the taskbar. Then you can exclusively click the “properties” menu on the dish options displayed.

On taksbar ventilation and start dishes properties, please click “start tab”. Then, you must uncheck the option “use the start menu instead of the start screen”.

Click the “apply” that has arisen and click the “sign out and change settings” button. And done, every time you press the windows key in the keyboard, the start screen will appear.

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To access some desktops using easy you can use this trick.

All you need to do is use to enable or allow the desktop to give access in windows 10, first you can search in the comments field keyword “allow remote to access to your computer”.

You are able to click, & then on the remote part of the desktop move the black circle to “allow remote connections to this computer”, click apply and the desktop access on your windows 10 is completed. Recording a Screen Without a Third-Party App

Another cool feature of Windows 10 is, the screen record feature without implementation. You can record your laptop or PC screen easily without app donations. The trick is simple, you just need to open the application you want to record, then press the windows + G key on the keyboard.

Then there will be the question “do you want to open game bar?”, you can choose “yes, this a game”. Once the game bar appears, you can click the record button and the screen is ready to record.

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Another cool feature provided by Windows 10 is to open the taksbar vent quickly.

To open the taksbar vent using quickly, we recommend that you activate the quick launch bar feature.

You can make this one feature active by right-clicking on the taksbar, then select toolbars and new toolbar.

Then you just select the folder you want. Once completed, you can access or open the folder you have selected quickly through the taskbar. How to Quickly Access the Task Manager

To make it easier for you to quickly access to the task manager, Ands can follow how to set access task manager on the following windows 10.

There are several easy ways to access the task manager quickly, the other error is through the taskbar or task desktop.

You can exclusively right-click on the empty field in the taskbar and then click the task manager option to open it. Shorten Windows Startup Time

The next windows 10 trick tip we’ve reviewed is to shorten when windows startup.

There are many ways you can increase the speed when creating a windows 10 startup that you use.

You are able to delete or turn off running events, disable impact specials in your PC, eliminate transparent elements in the start dish and also.

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Enabling windows defender will certainly maximize performance according to your windows 10.

You are able to enable this feature by way of going through the settings. First, you can exclusively sign in to the PC settings.

Once the setting cendela is there, select the “update and security” option. Once you’ve entered the dish, you can select the windows defender option and your last step is to change real time protection by going off to on. Trying to Wiggle Windows Windows

One of windows 10 widgets that are relatively cool, is as if your Windows vents can sway when activating or closing Windows Windows.

This one thing, is the error of one cool feature of windows 10 that is often considered with aero shake.

With this feature, you can feel the performance of your PC that is getting better and stable. Using Cortana

Tips and tricks to maximize windows 10 is to use Cortana. Cortana is microsoft’s dream assistant that can do the work on a PC well.

You can enable cortana by logging in to your Microsoft account first. After that you can change the language and region to the United States because Cortana does not support Indonesian language.

After that, you can enable Cortana and other cortana features, such as “hey cortana”. Managing Software Usage Time

Setting up when using an application is very easy and also easy in Windows 10, you can do it using the way, click start the button on your computer, then click the control panel, select clock, language, and region.

Then click location and language, click tab format &select drop off & when the format you want to use.

For additional to customize the view between release and time, you can set it in additional settings. Trying God Mode

God mode is a legendary folder available in windows 10, where god mode can put quick access for users.

You can try and activate the god mod feature using an easy way, first you can create a folder on the screen & name the folder with god mode, using so, you can open the folder then all access to your laptop or PC will be automatically stored in the folder earlier. Running Disk Cleanup

To run the cleanup disk feature available in windows 10, you can do it using this one way.

First you are able to click the start button, then choose the dish “all Programs”, then “accessories”, “system tools”.

Click the cleanup disk and check what type of junk archive you want to clean, then press “OK”.

Click on the cleanup system files to clean up system archives and other junk that are no longer needed.

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The quick assist feature you can use to help your fellow people who are struggling or struggling in PC problems.

However, you must enable & give permission first to enable this feature.

You can click “start” and then select the “search” option, type “quick assist” in the search and select.

Then select the “give assistance” option, enter the Microsoft account username & the “next” puzzle. Enter the microsoft account password term & sign in.

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That’s a review of the features and tips and tricks of Windows 10 complete, you can practice it when applying Windows 10. By using and activating the feature, it will help the performance of your PC or laptop. Hopefully after reading this review, you can receive positive benefits and insights, so many, and see you my other writing.

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