11 Hidden Features, Tricks, and Tips in Windows 10

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Windows 10 is a modern Windows operating system today. Because it’s new and accompanied by many changes, not everyone knows all the features – especially those that are hidden.

Therefore, WinPoin provides some features, options, and hidden tricks in Windows 10, which maybe some of them do not know.

1. Bash Linux

If you regularly follow the development info of Windows 10 in WinPoin, of course you already know that there is a Linux bash integrated in Windows 10. But for the majority of users, this feature is hidden and not widely known.

Bash Linux you can use for development purposes for example, where you can install and run the linux implementation you need through the Command Prompt.

To enable it, just open Turn Windows features on or off > check Windows Subsystem for Linux (beta) > restart Windows when prompted.

After that go to Settings > Update & security > For developers > select Developer mode.

Lastly, instead of command prompt as Admin > type Bash > Enter > & if there is an installation confirmation, press y.

Windows will automatically install Bash. Enter your Unix username &password (free). After that in the future when you want to use Bash Linux, you just type Bash in Command Prompt.two. Transparent Command Prompt

Command Prompts are identical using paradoxical black. But in Windows 10 actually you can change the background color &text at will, even you can also make it transparent.

How to just open the Command Prompt > right-click the Title Bar > Properties > Color > & please change the background / text at will. You can also update the transparency of the command prompt synchronous expectations. “Hidden” Desktop Show

When opening poly once window & wants to go home to the desktop, the majority of users do so using minimize multiple open windows. Though the same for example in Windows 7, in Windows 10 there is also a desktop show button that is hidden until poly is known to people.

Look in the far right of the taskbar, that’s the button for Show Desktop. Click create to hide the entire window open to view the desktop, & click again to restore it.4. Screenshot Area

If you’ve seen WinPoin’s previous videos about the 10 best features in the Windows 10 Creators Update, you’ll know about it. In Windows 10 you can take screenshots of exclusive areas just by pressing Windows + Shift + S. Screenshots taken will be privately stored in the clipboard & you can paste through paint or other implementation. Print to PDF

Not many realize this, but in Windows 10 you don’t need a third-party application to update any document as a PDF. Windows 10 comes with Microsoft Print to PDF, which is you can print any document into a PDF archive using ease.

How you just print the document you want, then on the printer option, choose Microsoft Print to PDF.

After that there will be a window to determine where you want to store pdf archives, and PDF archives will be stored there. God Mode

The majority of people call it God Mode because when running it you seem exclusively mastered Windows 10 and able to freely set it in sync with the ideals through the given tool. But you can actually name it anything.

To enable God Mode, you just right-click the desktop > New > Folder > and rename the folder with this code:


Now just open the folder and congratulations on mastering Windows 10.7. Split Screen

This feature is important but rarely used by Windows 10 users. If you want to open two windows side by side, you just drag one window to the left, and the other window to the right.

After entering split screen mode for example, then you are able to swipe around to update the proportion of its size at will. Window Focus

When opening a poly window & wants to emphasize on one window only, generally mastered people do it using other minimize windows. In fact, you can do it much more easily and quickly.

The way you just shake the window that you want to focus on, and instantly the other window will be hidden. Shake it up once more and the whole thing will be back to the way it was. Drag & Drop Virtual Desktop

Windows 10 comes with Virtual Desktop. Usually Windows users will make some desktop dreams using pressing sign +, then open the implementation in each virtual desktop.

You can actually do it using drag &drop. So on the primary desktop just open all the implementation you want so that there is no miss. After that open the task view and you just drag & drop each window to the dream desktop that is not in sync. You can even drag windows to the + sign to create a new Virtual Desktop. Start Menu “Second”

Windows 10 Start Menu is dominated by the Live Tile & installed application collection. If you compare using the Start Menu on classic Windows such as Windows 7 for example, at first glance this Start Menu loses shortcut options to various settings and important tools.

But it really isn’t. You just right-click the Start Menu in Windows 10 and you will find the Start Menu “Second” which contains poly shortcuts to a lot of crucial tools and settings, such as Run, Task Manager, Windows Powershel, Power Options, and so on. Slide to Shutdown

If you have ever used Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile, it will be familiar with Slide to Shutdown. This is a feature where you can turn off Windows by way of slides down.

Windows 10 also exists, although this feature is hidden. To use it you just create a shortcut by right-clicking the desktop > New > Shortcut, and fill in:


Now if you run the shortcut then there will be a shutdown slider, which if you pull down will make your computer shutdown.

Those are 11 Hidden Features, Tricks, & Tips on Windows 10 — some of which may be some of which you don’t know yet. Is there anything hidden in Windows 10 that WinPoin still misses? If you have any comments, please share it in the comments section.

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