10 Ways to Improve Old Laptop Performance Easily

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You have an old laptop but the performance is lacklustre? Every item including a laptop has a lifetime. But that does not mean an outdated laptop that already feels weak can not be made quickly again. There are several ways that are proven to be able to increase the performance or performance of old laptops so that jos returns.

You can tune up in the software section and also repair the laptop hardware part such as RAM &hard drive to increase the performance speed of your old laptop. The expected cost is also not too draining of your wallet and cheaper than having to buy a new laptop. Then what’s the way? Check out this article.1. UNINSTALL Everything That Isn’t Needed

Old laptops are sometimes filled with a lot of applications that have been used long and sporadically. In order for laptop performance to be minimized, then you can uninstall all unnecessary implementations, including implementations that promise to improve the performance of your laptop.

With this, the burden of your old laptop can be reduced as a result of its performance can increase. This may have been experienced by many people. Not a few people experience when the storage space of hp or laptop is full of implementation then they feel slow when operated, but when the space is outlined the device so feels faster. Disable Unnecessary Startup

Your old laptop feels slow when it gets turned on? It could be because of the many programs that have been running since the beginning of the laptop operated. To be able to speed up this process, you can disable these programs. How do I do this?

Simply go home to ‘run’ by quickly clicking Windows Key + R, then type ‘msconfig’. Once the new window opens, select the ‘Startup’ section and then disable or disable all programs running upfront except Antivirus. In this way it takes the performance of the laptop can increase when the process is turned on. Delete Everything That’s Not Needed *

Got a lot of data in your old laptop storage space? In order for your old laptop to be able to go home a little easier, then you can delete the data that is not needed. What if it’s all important data?

If so, then you can buy an external hard drive & move them all there. With reduced data in storage space, the performance of your old laptop can feel increased & running faster. Defragment in a Windows Drive

Defragment is the process of rearranging the block of files in the HDD so that it can be neatly reversed. You need to know, that when you store a data in storage media (in this case HDD), the data is stored in the form of blocks. Usually this data block is sometimes scattered because generally the stored data overrides blocks that have previously been unused.

Well, the task of this defragment is to tidy up back the previously messy block data.  Thus, when the computer is told to search or process data then it can run faster. You can defragment in a drive that contains a Windows installation (generally Drive C). Cleanup System Files

Sometimes there are many archive systems in old laptops that have been used as garbage (such as the Old Windows archive system that is a large size). To reduce the burden of storage space, then you are able to delete your laptop system files using how to go to C:\ drive –> Properties –> Disk Cleanup. This method can be done repeatedly. 6. RESET Browser to Start Settings

Browser applications on your old laptop sometimes store many riders such as add-ons / extensions / toolbars to search output that results in the laptop working more heavily when the browser is in use.

If it feels that the riders are no longer useful, then just remove it. If it is too poly then you can reset your browser to the initial settings, or if necessary delete and install the application again. Choose a lightweight browser application so that the surfing experience in cyberspace becomes comfortable. Update Windows

Microsoft always updates their Windows OS in acyclical manner, but not a few users who ignore this. It could be because the OS they use is not original as a result of the Windows Update feature is turned off or maybe because the downloaded archive is massive in size so that it becomes ogah-ogahan to update windowsnya.

Windows Update is very crucial because they arrive with security &performance patches that are important for laptops. So, Microsoft provides updates in its OS has a good purpose, which is for the comfort and security of its users. Cleaning the Laptop

If rarely cleaned, sometimes old laptops can be very dirty and dusty. In order to do comfortable continuous use, then you should clean your old laptop from dust on the body of the laptop and that clogs its pores. Thus, your laptop is able to breathe using comfortable time use and looks fresh.

If the air in the laptop is constrained then it can raise the temperature of the laptop while it is being operated. When that happens, the processor &graphics card has to work harder to keep the laptop’s performance good.

So, so that the performance of an outdated laptop can increase, you can do this last thing. In fact, you should use a cooling pad so that the temperature of your laptop can be reduced in use. Increase RAM Capacity

If your old laptop supports additional RAM, then do it to improve its performance. For example, the RAM of your old laptop has two GB of RAM then you can add 2 GB of RAM again as a result of the laptop’s performance can increase.

You can install your own RAM or if you can’t afford to use laptop restoration services. But don’t forget, know first what type of RAM you use, whether DDR3 or DDR4.  The price of laptop RAM on the market is not too expensive. So, if this is possible, immediately increase the RAM capacity of your old laptop. Replace hard drives using SSDs

Replacing your old laptop hard drive using this type of SSD is one big change (in terms of hardware) that can improve laptop performance. This SSD is able to make the laptop work faster as in when booting, shutting down, and opening applications (rather than outdated hard drives).

In fact, the use of SSD is more influential than the use of RAM. If your laptop already uses 4 GB of RAM, you should replace the hard drive with ssd instead of adding RAM to 4 GB.

If your laptop has a DVD slot, you should move the hard drive to the DVD slot section using a Caddy HDD. The hard disk slot was then replaced with a 2.5-inch SSD. The price of SSDs themselves has become increasingly affordable. If you are upset about determining the best SSD, you can read the article “10 Best SSD Brands for PCs & Laptops” as a guide to determining SSDs.

That’s 10 ways to improve the performance of your old laptop easily. For hardware upgrades, you can find a cheap but quality laptop spare parts seller in an online store. If you are able to install it yourself, then you do not need to spend any more money for installation services.

If you do not have the funds to increase your old laptop hardware, then you can try first by tuning up the software as mentioned above. If it turns out that only the application thing that needs to be improved then you do not need to think about the hardware thing.

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