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I took my laptop with a hard drive problem after it had been damaged by a magnet and fixed it in less than 24 hours, with the new operating system installed. They also offer the ability to recover data from broken hard drives. Good price, speed and excellent treatment.

100% recommended the service is unbeatable and the treatment towards the client very cordial and friendly, it is the first time that I go to the place to fix my laptop and they inform me of every detail I do not regret they are very fast in fixing the computer I have been very happy, the computer goes faster I have done a maintenance,excellent service. Best regards

The service is unbeatable, and they are super friendly and friendly. the truth is that I already reach them for a recommendation and right now I recommend them. Very honest and professional people. Thanks a lot.

Highly recommended. They explain in detail the technical arrangements they have made. Also all the doubts that may arise, as many times as necessary. They teach you the steps to follow so that you can solve your own minor incidents. All in a very simple way and a simple language. Good service and customer service.

My experience with this company could not have been better. I have taken a lot of times both my laptop and several TVs from my house and my parents’ house and they have done super well. I think you have to help publicize this type of sites, which are the typical ones you know and give you confidence to leave the decisions in their hands, especially for the layman of the electronic and computer subject. I am recommending this workshop and so far people have told me something similar, and they have been surprised at the difference with other places where they took their things to fix.

I have approached in Computer Wealthy because I did not start my pc and they have opened it in front of me and solved it at the moment because it was nonsense. They have not charged me anything because they have considered that it was not necessary. This is how you win a client 🙂 Transparency and humanity

Good and fast, I took my laptop thinking that I was going to lose all my files and the next day I had it back and with everything in place.

I have gone 3 times to see computer wealthy, and house you see they are very professional and help you the best possible way !!! Highly recommended

A professional, reliable, fast and excellent service! Thanks a lot! Highly recommended!!!!

I broke one of the hinges that connect the laptop screen to the keyboard and, even though it had a bad solution, they fixed it perfectly. They also have a very good customer service. I would recommend it without any hesitation.

I was looked after very well! I thought I had problems with the laptop but it was actually the Windows update and they in a very good way fixed it instantly and treated me super cool!

Computer Wealthy is a more than recommended place to go when you have a problem with your computer. Very friendly and professional, they solved my problem in half an hour, so I do not understand that there are criticisms regarding the time of repairs. Obviously they will have times with more orders, which means a longer waiting time for the client, but this happens anywhere. The price, quite reasonable, is well worth it for the peace of mind of knowing that you leave your equipment in the hands of good professionals. Again, in my specific case, I was charged as a consultation (minimum and standard price) since my problem turned out to have an easy solution, so we also talk about honest people. I will be back whenever I need to.

They are competent, decisive and very pleasant in the deal.

I have always been treated very professionally, efficiently and quickly, I am very satisfied.

I’m so delighted with these guys. in other places they tell you that your problem is motherboard, and they repair it. they have let me into the electronic area and it is a pass the things they have to repair organized in closets, methodically ordered. He is very serious, it is seen that he gets involved and enjoys his work. He didn’t let me take my computer until he was 100% sure the motherboard was well repaired. I told him that if it’s working, it’s done, but he wants there to be no problems later. It really is a very good workshop, super professional. I have promised them that I would advertise to them, because they really deserve it. I have made a very good impression and I want people to lose. The one who works well must be known. Bravo for them.

I have carried 2 things: 1 laptop and a Sony Bravia TV. Impeccable service. The price seemed right to me. At least I would not be trustworthy, but this workshop gives me confidence. They explain things well and in the end they have solved my 2 cases. Seeing the website they have and then entering the workshop changes the idea of this business. I have left very happy.

My laptop motherboard broke down last week and today I have been returned fixed. The manager has behaved well with me accelerating the repair porquentenia prisa

Before going to CW I analyzed several repair companies in Barcelona and now I know that I was not wrong with the decision. They fixed the problem with wi-fi of my laptop + malware cleaning + cleaning of the interior components in record time and at a more than reasonable price. Good customer service, very attentive. Recommend!

Very friendly and helped me immediately!

They solve any problem, computer, of course

Je recommande fortement ! Personnel aimable et efficace, prix clairs. J’ai conduit mon pc le jeudi juste avant la fermeture, un peu désespérée car “erreur fatale” et dans l’urgence de devoir travailler… le lendemain midi mon pc réparé (disque dur changé), tout était réinstallé en français et il avait même été nettoyé.

This guy’s are awesome. Good knowledge of products and one of the guys speaks English so that’s a plus. They are very nice and highly recommend them. They fixed a problem with my laptop for a reasonable price

Sóc cliente de fa tres anys i el recomano totalment. El que més em va agradar és el servei de reparació d’immediat de petites reparacions. Et miran l’averia al moment i si es pot arreclar d’immediat te’n portes el portàtil ja ha arreclat! El pressupost te’l fan de seguida i si no te l’arreclen al moment et donen una previsió molt exacta del temps de reparació. M’han reparat els cables d’alimentació del portàtil en 10 mins, el servei més ràpid i eficient que he vist.

He demanat ajuda avui perquè had a problem amb la bateria i amb una part metàl·lica del portàtil, que s’havia aixecat i no podia obrir bé la pantalla de l’ordinador.

Amb l’horari d’estiu ja havien passat les 16h i ja havien tancat. Tot i això, el tècnic que encara estava al local, m’ha atès tranquil·lament, canviant-me els cargols de l’ordinador i cargolant-los tots bé perquè encaixés bé la part metàl·lica del portàtil.

Un cop feta la feina, m’ha ensenyat també a canviar la bateria des casa, ja que així em sortiria més econòmic, si ho podia fer jo. Tot i això, no ha calgut que me’n comprés cap de nova, ja que hem vist que el problema és que la bateria no feia bon contacte degut als cargols que estaven malmesos.

Poca estona, fora de l’horari de feina i molt bon tracte, resultat: ordinador com si fos nou !!!!!

Hi tornaré sens dubte, recomano totalment el servei de Computer Wealthy, merci per l’ajuda !!!!!

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