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iPhone without coverage But how do I know if this happens to my iPhone?

There are some symptoms with which we can identify the failure without service on iPhone:

When we are going to make a call, it is automatically cut without letting us call and the message “Call error” appears on the screen. Call error on iPhone

If this happens to us we must go to the “Phone” application and type *#06#. At the moment the IMEI of the mobile should appear (the code *#06# is universal for all mobile phones and must appear directly on the screen when typing the code). In the case of the iPhone, if it does not come out after typing *#06# it will most likely have a modem or baseband failure. However, if we consult the IMEI in Settings> General> Information, if the IMEI and firmware of the modem must appear.

In iOS 11 or lower, if we restore an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, it will give us error 4013. In iOS 12, the phone is restored without giving any errors and we will be able to activate the phone without problems. So we will need to check the previous points.

In this case the only solution would go through a repair at the level of microwelding, which must be carried out by professionals since otherwise it can leave the terminal useless.

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Mobile network not available on iPhone 4

The issue that concerns us is quite common after changing the screen to our iPhone 4 or iOS 7 system. There are quite a few fans of repairs that after their first change of iPhone screen believe they have damaged their phone because after the repair the mobile does not take coverage again. The iPhone is left searching and searching forever. They turn it off, turn it on, change SIM over and over again, restart it and even restore it thinking that this will solve the problem. Below we explain the reason why our iPhone is left looking in addition to how to fix it.

The screen of the iPhone 4 breaks, we see a video in which it does not seem difficult to change the screen, we ask for the spare part and once we arrive we prepare the table to fill it with screws. We remove one and the other and another of the many that it carries. We remove the old screen, assemble the new one and put each previously removed screw back in place. Already with the phone closed, we observe it excitedly, it has been like new! We turn it on, bitten apple and ask for the PIN. Our face of happiness changes after seeing that the iPhone is left looking and searching.

We review the tutorial, remember if we have done any steps wrong. We return to disassemble, assemble and… LOOKING. We turn off, turn on, restart the mobile and… LOOKING. We even got to restore the phone thinking that this will be solved, but the result is… SEARCHING.Why does it happen?

Normally, this happens because to change the screen it is necessary to disconnect the battery. When you disconnect the battery, the iPhone motherboard runs out of power. Later, when we reconnect the battery to the motherboard and turn it on, it appears with “time 0:00 and date January 1, 1970”. When putting the SIM and the phone connect to the network there is a time lag and that is why the iPhone is left looking. The phone is dated 1970 and the antenna you are trying to connect to is on the current date so you do not get the necessary permission to connect and you are left looking or what is the same without coverage. Solution for iPhone that you are looking for after changing screen

The solution is quite simple. We have to put the current time and date to our iPhone. In the iOS 6 version we can do it quickly manually (Settings>>General>>Date and time). In iOS 7 and later versions, we’ll do it faster by connecting it to a WiFi network than manually. We check that “Automatic Adjustment” is activated (Settings>>General>>Date and time). We connect the iPhone to a WiFi network, check that the date is the current one, restart the phone and after putting the SIM PIN it will no longer be LOOKING. This way our iPhone will have coverage again.

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